View Full Version : Danny Phantom cosplayers UNITE!!!

05-15-2007, 12:36 AM
Play on the "Nicktoon UNITE" title.


I need Danny Phantom series cosplayers!!!

We need to show the comic con people that Danny Phantom is still going strong and needs to renew for season 4!!! (Season 3 is the last one, set to air in June in the US. Countries like Great Britian have ALREADY FINISHED with season 3!!!)

I recall that Butch Hartman went to comic-con a few years back, and who knows what other DP crew members go?

Let's show the creator/staff who go that we love DP!

Who's with me?

(I can come up with cosplay contest idea skit thing too.)

I can cosplay as Danny Phantom, Fenton, or Sam.