View Full Version : Short Brown Wig, White Dress, Bustier Set, Bloomers For Sale

05-27-2007, 03:53 AM
I've accumulated way too much stuff over the school year that I can't use... Please take them off of my hands!

I highly prefer PayPal for payment. Please leave a comment or PM me if you're interested in anything!
Prices do not include shipping. They are not absolute, either, so feel free to negotiate on anything if you feel it's too high.

I'd be happy to provide more photos and measurements on request. ^_^

Suzumiya Haruhi Uniform Top - $25 SOLD
This is for the top half of Haruhi Suzumiya's school uniform only. The shirt size is children's (boys') 14/16, so it will fit in the range of weight 85-105 lbs and height 5'2" and less, according to the original shirt size tag.
Some of the edges sewn onto the shirt are raw because this is the first costume piece that I've ever made.
The costume will be ironed and pressed before shipping.

Short Brown Wig - $20 SOLD
Very high quality; a medium chestnut brown color. The one time when I did wear it, people thought I actually cut my hair. It might make for a good Ouran Haruhi wig.

White Girls' Dress - $12 SOLD
Size Girls' 14/16. Roughly knee-length. This adorable dress has two layers so it's definitely not a flimsy see-through piece. Tried on once and I found it to be too big for me (I am 28/24/30, and the dress was very low and airy on me).
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/Atashi04/Stuff%20For%20Sale/05-27-07_0114.jpg (The buttons are for decoration only)

Black Bustier Set - $30
Size Misses' XS. Tried on once and I found the cup size to be too big for me. I think it'll fit someone with a bust of 30"-32" A or B-Cup and waist of 23"-26" better. The bustier has padding and the top (a shrug/bolero?) is made in matching lace. Express label. The set retails for $60.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/Atashi04/Stuff%20For%20Sale/05-27-07_0116.jpg (Lower part of the bustier is unhooked in this photo; it does hook all the way to the bottom)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/Atashi04/Stuff%20For%20Sale/05-27-07_0117.jpg (Extremely lightened to show detail)

Bloomers - $5
The waist is elastic, so it'll fit from 24" and more. Tried once and I found it too big for me. I stored it in a corner of my closet underneath a bunch of books, so a bit of the waistband is slightly twisted, but it doesn't affect the overall look or performance.

Older stuff:
White Capelet with Blue Border and Bow - $15 + $3 Shipping
The capelet is soft and made of alpine fleece. The border and bow are made of 100% Kona cotton. The bow attaches to the capelet by a safety pin, but I can replace it with a small piece of fusible Velcro if you'd like. The capelet doesn't really have a size because it closes by a hook & eye. The 'hole' for the neck is approximately 19". When laid flat (like in the photos), it measures approximately 28" wide and 10" tall from top of front edge to bottom, or 12" from top of back edge to bottom.

Long Pleated Teal Skirt - $5 + $5 Shipping
It came in a set with a blazer that I used for cosplay, but the skirt is completely useless to me. The tag says it's a Size 14 and Made in U.S.A. The waist band measures approximately 31 inches all the way around the skirt is approximately 31" long. The skirt has a zipper and button closure on the back. There are three pleats down the middle on the front side and the back is plain.

11 1" Brown Leather Buttons - $5 + $1 Shipping
Looks like this: http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/lace-heaven_1941_116606355
I got too many of these... I think they usually sell for $3 on a card with 3.

Remnant stuff: (Name your price~)

2.5 Yards of 1/2" white double fold bias tape SOLD

14" of 50" red stretch twill (very beautiful, bright red, not dull like in the photos) SOLD

1 Yard of 45" kelly green broadcloth SOLD

10" X 45" of thick, red fabric that I can't identify; it may be wool because it cost me $2