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04-25-2003, 09:13 AM
Me and my friends are gonna do a Metal Gear Solid 2 Cosplay but we faced with a problem. We have NO idea how to make a Solid Snake costume. Could someone help us out becasue we are confused :confused:

04-25-2003, 06:06 PM
I don't know, but good luck with trying to make a skull suit. :p

04-25-2003, 07:55 PM
Hey, what convention are you going to be at? ^_^;; I might be going as Meryl, and my friend'll be coming as Otacon!

You can go to an Army/Navy store and see what kinda stuff you can pick up there. As for making the actual suit... Ahhh, I don't really have any ideas to contribute at the moment. You could just wear a box.... :thumbsup:

04-25-2003, 10:08 PM
LOL I dont really think a box is gonna work ;)

Well I'm going to I-Con which is going to be next year. But we are starting early on the cosplay because we are versing my VERY good friend hehe. I'm going as Otacon, my friends are gonna be Snake, Vamp, Olga and Raiden.

04-25-2003, 10:20 PM
OMG, I just found what the costume looks like...
linked here http://ps2media.ign.com/media/news/image/mgs2figs/snake_1.jpg Good base image for you to work from btw.
The only thing I can think that could pass is spandex and strategically placed foam. Than and tons of belt material and those backpack snap thingies.. looks like a headache if I ever saw one made physical. Lol.

04-28-2003, 03:26 PM
WOW thanks a bunch for that pic, its PERFECT! And thanks for your ideas as well everyone :D WE talked to our snake about spandex... he said no way in hell lol. We are gonna try tight shirt and a tight pair of pants. We are gonna use a shit load of belt and most likely foam to make the armor... what do u guys think? :bouncer:

05-02-2003, 05:11 PM
Skull suit = Navy blue spandex XP Snake costume? Instead go as Pliskin... Doesn't he wear stuff like the Seals? I was thinkin' about goin' as the ninja but I doubt anyone would trust me with a large knife =P

05-02-2003, 07:22 PM
Off topic but good idea.

If worse comes to worse dress up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World.

Don't they look like Snake and Raiden?

05-03-2003, 04:22 PM
Ok, I usually don't reveal how I do my costumes.. wait.. yeah I do. Just give me some credit, because pulling all this together was quite the headsore. And let me warn you, the MGS2 version of Snake's costume is going to make you POOR.

The rig Snake is wearing on his vest is an Advanced LBV (loadbearing vest). You can find this at Blackhawk Industries for a smoothe $170. This is as close as you'll get to the one Snake wears, and at that this is almost identical. In my opinion, nothin' else works. You can choose what color you want, although it's limited to Black, Desert Tan, and Olive Drab. Stick with Black.

Link: http://www.blackhawkindustries.com/product_detail.asp?product_id=1929&d=

The straps that go around Snake's thighs? Rappelling harness. $60.


You can use a pilot's flightsuit (it comes in said color (blue)) for the undersuit. It's not skin-tight, in fact, a little loose, but it gets the job done.

Any combat boots work, as -long as they are combat boots-.

As far as the little scrunchies that are on Snake's knees and arms go, you'll have to make your own out of some stretchy stuff. ^_^;; Don't ask me how to do this, because I wouldn't be able to tell you yet. I'm working on MGS1 Snake (from Substance), so I'll get back to you on that one.

You'll need a pistol/web belt to attach to your loadbearing vest. Get it in black, as well. $20. The rappelling harness and the holster (which I'm getting to) hook to this.


Onto the pistol holster. It's $67. It will attach to your web belt. A pistol holster without a web belt to attach to will inevitably annoy your Snake 'cause it'll drop all the way down to your knee repeatedly until you scream in anger and throw it across the room.


And now the fun part-- weapons. I use airsoft weapons for all of my Metal Gear costumes. They're expensive (generally $200-300) but they're dead on. Most cons don't let you bring anything that propels much more than a little rubber sticky dart, so be sure to leave all your pellets and batteries for your gun at home. ^.- And if necessary, leave the magazines for the gun in your loadbearing vest pouches!

(Remember. These guns CANNOT and are impossible to get to fire real, live ammunition.. they're only capable of firing plastic 6mm pellets but, are quite capable of putting someone's eye out. These are like paintball guns, only they hurt worse.)

Now, it's your choice as to which gun you wish to get.

The M4A1 Carbine -


It's $213, but that's without a battery or a charger for your battery.

The FA-MAS - http://www.wargameclub.com/pcart/shopper.php?itm=TM-AEG-FAMAS-SV_cat_Marui%20AEGs

$176. It's kind of a cheap gun, though. Don't drop it~

Pistols section-

Alright, now we all know that an MGS pistol isn't complete without some sort of modification. So, read on to see how pistols work out. These are airsoft guns too, so.. leave teh ammo and gas/batteries at home.

Tokyo Marui Heckler & Koch MK23 SOCOM


Wow, this is a really familiar gun. It's straight out of MGS, only it sucks in airsoft matches. But I'm the only one here that plays airsoft, so...

The gun is nice, but I have a few nags about it. The LAM on the pistol (the laser sight/light module) is EXTREMELY cheap. It's just blinking lights. It's not even the correct one from MGS1. The suppressor is dead on, but the feel of the gun just is.. eh. The gun's $117, but it comes with everything you need. I just.. don't like it.

The Beretta M9 -

Now if you care to be particularly dead on with how "realistic" the gun IS (not looks, IS), you can get a cheap spring pull-back-n'-shoot-pull-back-'n-shoot Tokyo Marui M92F, found HERE-


It's $35. Like I said, el cheapo. But, then, you must accessorize it.

The silencer adapter for the beretta-


It's $29, but you need it to attach your silencer to your barrel.

The silencer -

Any silencer will do, really. Here's your best bet as far as being price effective goes, for $45-


And, last but not least, the laser attachment.


Wow, I think this is the cheapest part of the entire gun.. cheap is good in some cases. Classic Army makes a laser attachment for the M9, and here it is- $35


Now that you've read all this, you can also get a better looking gas-powered beretta. It looks more realistic (mostly metal) but is about $100.


And, finally, the last part of the costume.

The USP-

Go for the KJ Works P8, it's a variation of the USP, and it's cheap, good looking, and I -love it-. It's $80.


Now, the LAM for the USP-

You can get this from www.redwolfairsoft.com under "accessories" then "lights" or "lasers". It's about $120 and can fit a MK23 SOCOM, too. The site's down right now but it should be up again soon. ^_^;


You know everything and more than you ever wanted to know about Solid Snake's costume from MGS2. ^_^

Now all you need is a bandanna and a cardboard box. Enjoy!

05-03-2003, 04:52 PM
Holy crap. What a great post. *_*

Heh heh. :thumbsup: One could always just cosplay as Pliskin, if all of the stuff to make up the Sneaking Suit is too much... (Pliskin's outfit was simpler than the sneaking suit, wasn't it? I couldn't find a good picture...)

05-04-2003, 12:29 AM
Actually, Pliskin's suit can be just as complicated if you take all the gear into account. Both of their costumes look simple to the untrained eye, but I'm a giant military nut and I know my combat gear.

If you're going to ACEN, I can help out. If not, just IM me.

05-04-2003, 06:21 PM
OMG wow, thanks for all that info! :) thanks SOOOOO much

05-04-2003, 06:49 PM
Hi everyone
I'm also in this cosplay with Bassistears and I was wondering if anyone can help me with my costume.
I'm going to be Vamp, so if anyone can please give me information about where I can find my costume I would REALLY appericate it!
Man bassisttears, you are so luckey! Your going to be Otacon and how come every year you get the easy costume!?

05-04-2003, 11:55 PM
Yo I found this picture link. It looks pretty good. I'm going to see if they have a McFarland toy of vamp.
I suggest wearing binding and wearing a skincolored bodysuit/top to get the chest part since your a girl. I'll keep an eye out for more pics.

05-05-2003, 05:03 PM
There is no Vamp McFarlane action figure :'(
But thank you for the suggestion lol

05-12-2003, 01:52 AM
my buddie and i were cosidering the metalgear 2 snake, but decided to do the first one instead. we found it to be far easier to do since the majority of it is off the rack. the only real work is the muscle vest which has to be sculpted then cast.

if you still are considering thr 2'nd snake you may want to check out any local surf or diving shops, a wetsuit would make a good base to begin with. and if you hav'nt already done so, buy the action figure for referance.

good luck and i hope you post pics of the finished product!

05-14-2003, 03:05 PM
Sorry to disagree, but wetsuits are horrible and much too tight.. coveralls are better. I've just yet to see any wetsuit look good on a Snake cosplayer.

05-14-2003, 07:37 PM
Metal Gear Solid 1/2 is one of my all time fave games. I wanted to cosplay Raiden someday..but that's probably just a dream. Someone told me I remind him of Rose..but I dont really like her character and she's not the 'cosplay' type of character at all.

It's nice to see MGS cosplayers for a change. ^^