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06-01-2007, 01:04 AM
The Otaku Survival Guides (http://www.otakusurvivalguide.com/)

The world of the otaku is a confusing place, from yaoi to cosplaying to the odd obsession with Ramune. The Otaku Survival Guide series strives to clear up the inconsistencies of life, teach you to navigate the online fandom, and give you ways to explain to your parents why it is crucial they drive you fifteen hours to go to a convention. And when the ninjas attack or your costume rips down the back, we’ll teach you how to hold your head high (unless the ninja stars are flying) and reclaim the situation.

With print books, message boards, packing lists, glossaries, resources, and more, you’ll find the tools and humor you need. We are also looking for your personal stories and experiences with cosplay. The Cosplay Mayhem book includes interviews from members of this board.

Intro to Cosplay Mayhem (http://www.otakusurvivalguide.com/cosplay.html)

Does the idea of dressing up when its not Halloween appeal to you? To have strangers walk up to you, recognizing and admiring your costume, instead of asking you if you know what you’re wearing in public? Do you like to spend long hours cursing at fabric, scavenging the thrift stores, and pricking yourself with pins, all for forty-eight hours of cosplay glory?

If all that sounds good, then welcome to the world of Cosplaying.

And if you think the person mentioned above is a little crazy, well, then you should probably just put this book down and walk away. Unless that person is friend or family, in which case, do all you can to provide them with the caffeine they are going to need.