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06-04-2007, 03:16 AM
Fairly simple commission here, I think.

What: Sha Gojyo costume (from the anime/manga Saiyuki), including pants, headband, white shirt, and blue vest. Depending on price and ability of the commissioner, I may also commission the wig with the costume.
When: Needed for Ikasucon on August 10th, 2007. Shipping will be to Indiana, USA. I realize it's a bit short notice and I'm willing to pay reasonable extra fees for the rush. Even if you couldn't make it for the August deadline, I would appreciate a quote anyway, as there's a convention in March of next year that I wouldn't mind delaying the costume for if needed.
Pricing: This is negotiable. PM me your quote, and we can work something out! If you're pricing the wig and costume, please do them seperately in case I decide to commission one and not the other.

I will not consider any commissioner who does not have pictures of previous work, and a reference or two to previous customers will go a long way with me. (Sorry, been burned once!)

Here's a few reference pictures: (I have more reference pictures available for those who are unfamiliar with the character.)





I would've taken on the task of making this myself, but I'm already in the process of making one rather complex costume. With Gojyo's prop to do as well and a certification program in July and being a beginner in sewing, it just wasn't going to happen! (Looking at those funky pants as a beginner at sewing scared me a bit, too!) That's why it's so short notice, the certification program wasn't expected. Cut three weeks out of my schedule.

However, if a commissioner looks particularly good but can't finish the costume by August, I'll definitely consider delaying the costume till my convention in March. It's ultimately about quality, after all, and I'm quite flexible with the whole thing.

Comment here or PM me about the commission if you have any questions!

EDIT: Thanks for all the quotes, everyone! Consider this thread closed. I've gotten an even better response than I expected!