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08-26-2002, 10:42 AM
I remember reading something somewhere saying that the registration for the masquerade would be up in a month or so. If it's anything like last year, won't that mean that the masquerade will be completely filled by the end of the year? I'm concerned about this because I had so much fun in this year's masquerade that I really want to enter again! I really doubt that I'd be lucky like I was this year again... getting a masquerade spot just a few days before the convention without even being on a waiting list. I never know what I'll have done for conventions until shortly beforehand, so I can't really pre-register for it. Argh! Why is this so difficult?

08-26-2002, 12:38 PM
I found something somewhere on the site that said, yeah, prereg will be in September. When I first found out about that before I went to AX, I couldn't believe how early the registration was! So I feel your pain, even though I'm in a masq group for next year already . . . (not that we have any idea what we're doing once we get onstage)

08-26-2002, 01:14 PM
> (not that we have any idea what we're doing once we get onstage)

Don't you have to say what show/skit you're doing when you pre-reg? You had to at Katsu. *keeps an eye on Katsu pre-reg*

08-26-2002, 03:30 PM
Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that it looks like we will be opening AX2003 Masquerade Registration at the end of September 2002. I'm really busy with AXNY right now, so until it's over I won't be able to set up the new database and adjust the rules based on feedback from this year.

I'd anticipate that it's going to be up around September 28, 2002.
It will be up at: http://www.anime-expo.org/

Please remember that you can sign up when registration opens -just to reserve a spot-. If it gets close to the convention and you discover that you can't actually make it, just drop me an e-mail at costume@anime-expo.org and let me know that you won't be able to come. We will have a large waiting list of people who will be more than happy to take that spot ^_^ !

Also, all we really need is your "Group Name" and a contact person (and full contact information). You can add to (or change) your registration with full details as it gets closer to the convention itself. We only ask that the contact person not change unless there is an emergency (like the contact person quits the group, etc.)

I'm also changing registration slightly this year.

- There are only two types of groups this year: Walk-on and Performance. We are no longer allowing Exhibition-Only.

- There will only be 50 spots.

- There will be an unlimited waiting list (well, if it gets to 100 groups I may limit it ^_^; ). The waiting list people move into the actual registered groups based on when they registered for the Masquerade. If you are "Waiting List 01" you will be the first to get in if a Registered group drops.

- We will allow 2 special presentations (like the Final Fantasy Percussion group we had at AX2002, etc.) If you are interested please send me a proposal for what you want to do -in advance-. WAY in advance. I'd say January 2003 is the latest I will take proposals. I can't guarantee that I can accept all proposals. Also, please consider that it needs to be something -really- special, not just an extended Masquerade skit. By "special" I mean instrumental performance, professional-quality vocal performance, highly choreographed professional-level dance routines. Keep in mind that you will only have 5 minutes for this special performance. Also, you need to remember that special presentations are not allowed to compete for awards, as it wouldn't be fair (you have extra time allotted, you have extra resources, you are allowed more than the minimum people, etc.)

- If you register for a special performance you -cannot- have a Masquerade spot too (the two minute spot). It's one or the other.

- Keep in mind too that you can't cancel your special performance and expect to instantly be in the normal Masquerade either if there are already 50 registered groups (though you can go on the waiting list). Please keep this in mind if you ask for a special performance.

Okay more updates at the end of September :) Thanks for your patience!

Marisa Price
AX2003 Masquerade Coordinator