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04-26-2003, 11:17 PM
On Sunday at 9:00 PM approx. I returned home from Anime Boston weekend. Needless to say I was very tired and nearly dead. Even though I stayed up till around 2. I spent all of last night converting my Digital Camera files to my computer. Out of the 370 I took, around 330 came out well enough to be on Cosplay.com, and my report as well, which should be out by the end of this or next week. But right now enough of that. It's time for the Studmaster's 2003 Anime Boston personal report


I got up around Thursday at 10:00 AM, and go to pick up the last of my laundry at my dorm laundromat, and begin to finish my packing. I also cut my Red Mage Robe by 8 inches to finish it off. It needed to be hemmed though, which is what I would hopefully do at Jil's house. After running around all day, and getting the last of things in order, I leave the house around 3 PM, to get my haircut, which lasts till 4:15 PM. My train leaves at 4:53 so I sit back and have some Lunch. After Lunch, I get on the train, and get to my house to get my cell phone which me and my Mom bought on a family plan. The train pulls out of the station by that time, and amazingly I get to my house by 6:10. I spend 10 minutes there and pick up my Cell. I get to the subway by 6:30, and get a Train around 2 minutes. I get to midtown around 7, and get to the school just in time to change for my 7:15 class (since I was taking today, since I wouldn't be able to on Friday). However, somewhere along the way, I forgot I was supposed to be picking up Jil and Oshi. >_< Which caused Adam to be late to the class longer than he was supposed to be. So after saying my apolgies, we got dressed, and left to go play one round of DDR. After that, we catch the 9:45 train to Valley Stream, and go and run erronds, which include securing my things for the trip. We get back to Jil's place around 10:30, and thus begins the last night before the Con Cosplay rush. Between everyone, we were busy till around 3 AM, when we finally decided to just go to bed.


After 3 hours of sleep we begin to get ready to get out the door at 7 AM. After some last minute packing we make it out the door at 7:10. However, it takes us around 25 minutes to decide how we are getting packed. Thanks to our big suitcases. After wrangling around, we finally find a way to do so. Around 7:45 we pick up Tim (Soaze), and Adam, Paul, Christina, and myself make our way to Boston. Luck was with us, and we met very little traffic on our way to Boston, however it took us a while to find the hotel on the murderous city streets of Boston. (Whoever constructed the streets was not thinking.) After about an 1/2 hour of wrestling. We were able to park the car, and make our way to the Hotel. After picking up the Presspasses, we make our way to the Clubhouse where Cosplay.com was gathering. After getting there 45 minutes late, I just decided ot have fun being the MC. It was great to meet all of the people at Cosplay.com who deciced to show up. Everyone had a great costume, and it was great to see many first time Cosplayers there. After getting many pictures of the event, we got a first attempt at check in, which ended up failing. Then we got a 2nd attempt at check in, and the room was much more of a success. It was definetely different from any other rooms I have stayed in for conventions, a very old hotel. After we all got dressed in our Friday Costumes, around 3:30 we were finally able to get down to the convention. There were a lot of people running around with costumes. After getting pictures of most of them. I checked out the various parts of the convention. Sooner than later it was the evening, and I got changed for it. I decided to check out the Karaoke, which was a lot of fun. So much so, that I got fangirls!!! Oh man that was sweet. Then me, Adam and Oshi decided to shit on Daikenkai, and did a version of it, that would make everyone boo us to death! After that, we decided to head up to the dance, which wasn't that fun. But I did meet a nice girl there, and was able to talk to her, but she had to leave and I never saw here again. I decided to crash around 1:30.


Saturday was a bit of a wasted, but fun day for me. I shoulda been up and at em by 10, but I didn't get to leave till 12:40 cause I procastinated. This day was as crowded as hell, and Anime Boston reached over 4000 people, when they were expecting 2500. By noon the convention was all sold out, and you couldn't get in. I guess that's a lesson to pre-register. But seriously, this was so unexpected, and defintely a nice surprise. The first thing that I did was to get down to the lobby, and get ready for the Cosplay.com shoot. Many people showed up, and by 1, we were all ready to begin. Unlike usual, when we just did the shoot and left. I had 2 full group shots, one with the guys, one with the ladies, and the pimping shots. I had lots of fun, and I think everyone else did as well. After finishing wit h the shoots it was time to hunt for some more pictures. After getting lots of pictures, it was time for the Masquerade which I was participating in. This was the lowlight of the con. Due to first yeat jitters which means that something must go wrong, it did here. Sadly the cosplay started late, and Jil, Alexis, nor Gothic were able to get judged for craftsmanship. I felt really bad. But we decided to go on, and give our best. Our skit went over well with the crowd, and even though we didn't win I was happy to be apart. Congrats to those who did deserve the win. After the Masq, we went back up to the room, and got changed and ate dinner. Around 1 I went to the party, which was better than last night, but didn't stay too long. We hung out around the place. I decided to check out Koihime, which was a fun little hentai. Then I got together with the rest of the crew and watched a lot of Anime MVs. Around 4 AM, I decided that I couldn't take it anymore, and passed out on the Sofa bed.


Easter Sunday, and the final day of the convention. This time I got up around 9:30, and was out the door by 10 AM for the Anime Musical Panel, hosted by Tristen Citrine, and Lilli. It was a lot of fun to talk about the "hidden side" of Sakura Taisen. It was a great panel. I wish I go to see more of them, since I had fun at this one. Around 11:30 we packed up our stuff, and took it to the car. We packed up around 12, and went back to the con. I decided to lounge around for pictures of the VG Room, and Dealers. I also bought most of my stuff that day. Around 2, we went back to the car, and began our journey home. We took a nice leisury route home, and we ran into traffic a few times, so we didn't make it home till around 8:30 - 9. However it was still a fun ride home. And a fun Sunday over all.

Final Score

Anime Boston 2K3 was a surprise. I was expecting this con to suck ass to be totally honest. I have to eat humble pie, and say that I was wrong. Anime Boston was a wonderful first year convention, and a very well organized one for the most part. There are things that could've been improved, and some fans could learn how to behave, but overall, it was an fun con, and I will definetly be coming back next year, and I can't wait to see the improvement of Anime Boston 2K4 from 2K3. Congrats to the Staff of Anime Boston. We now have our East Coast Spring Convention. From myself, and all the other con goers, you deserve a pat in the back.

And on that note. Expect my real Con Report Soon. And I will be back in the saddle for Animazement 2003