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06-08-2007, 11:36 AM
I'm doing alot of reorganizing, as well as retiring a few costumes. I also need some extra money for books :bigcry: , so I'm putting a few things up for sale.

Auron Sword [Final Fantasy X]
This is 1 of 2 swords that were constructed. This one has never seen a convention, and is still in great shape.

Sword is constructed out of a solid pine plank and measures 5'6" tall. It was given a few coats of wood sealer to hide the wood grain. The designs are painted on. The blade is notched on the end and the handle is screwed in with metal plates. The handle is a wooden dowel wrapped with cording for a more decorative look, but it can be replaced upon request. The gold end pieces on the handle are wood. Overall, the blade weighs somewhere around 10lbs., give or take a few lbs. I've been able to swing one of them around (not recommended though), and rested it on my shoulder with no troubles.
I'd like at least $50 for the sword, and shipping will be $15 (with insurance)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v48/R1KKu/For%20Sale/Costume%20Related/AuronSword2.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v48/R1KKu/For%20Sale/Costume%20Related/AuronSword2.jpg)



Samurai Rikku armor & helmet [FFX-2]
This includes all the armor pieces that are worn: helmet, shoulder and leg armor, foot armor, and the medallions that are on the robe. All of the armor is constructed of Sintra (thermoplastic sheeting). The leg and shoulder armor pieces are riveted to nylon webbing (think backpack strap), so that the plates move freely. I had these attach to the robe with large snaps, which have been removed. The foot armor has elastic to wrap around the bottom of a pair of shoes. The helmet has elastic in the back so it can adjust to different head sizes. I did have a piece of nylon strap across the top to hold the helmet up, but it was removed. I can add another piece upon request. The medallions were glued onto my robe, but these can be sewn on too with invisible thread or what have you. The helmet, along with the leg and shoulder armor, have piping along the edges. All the pieces were given a coat of gray paint and a bit of silver for a metallic look. I'm asking for around $30 for the whole set. Shipping will be $10 (with insurance)






Sesshoumaru wig
This is an Amanda wig in White from the CosWorx store. I had cut some bangs into it for my Sesshoumaru costume. The wig was worn twice at a convention recently, and since the costume is being retired and the armor was sold off, I have no use for this wig. It's a wonderful wig; really soft and doesn't tangle terribly like some other long wigs. It is a bit thin in the back. Measures 48" long. The bangs were given a bit of hairspray. I paid about $60 (with shipping) for the wig and would like at least $40 and $5 shipping.

(It's windy outside :toothy: )



Black flippy wig w/bangs
Layered black flippy wig with bangs. I had planned to use this for a costume, but decided to hold off for now. Does have a skin top. This one also has combs in the front and back to hold the wig on. Worn only a few times to try on. Asking $20 and $3 for shipping.




Dark red lightweight pleather
A lightweight clothing pleather material in a dark red (not quite burgundy). I was going to use this to make a Dante coat (DMC), but I decided to hold off. The backing is a black stretchy material, so this does have some stretch to it. I have about 5 yards of this. I can do an exact measurement if needed. I would like to get rid of it all but I'm willing to cut it. I'm asking for $15 and $5 shipping for the whole thing. SOLD

with flash http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v48/R1KKu/For%20Sale/Costume%20Related/IMG_0401.jpg

no flash http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v48/R1KKu/For%20Sale/Costume%20Related/IMG_0402.jpg

Brown and blue striped faux fur
Long pile faux fur (about 1" high) in brown with blue and white stripes (the white is more like specks, not stripes.) Measures 65" x 28", with a few cuts taken out of it. Im asking $10 and $3 shipping for the whole thing.


Gray with blue/white striped plaid fabric
Not sure about what kind of material this is, but its a mediumweight fabric. It might be a cotton or blend of sorts, I can't remember. I was going to use this for a skirt or dress, but I just dont have the time. I have around 5 yards of this, and can take an exact measurement upon request. I'd like to note that about half way through the fabric is a stitch (it's 2 pieces sewn together). I'm willing to cut this but I'd rather get rid of all of it. I'm asking $15 and $10 for shipping (because of weight)



I'll be posting a few more things, including some patterns and clothing, in a few days.

*NOTE* For anyone interested in fabric and suffer from allergies, I do own cats, and they love my fabric.

Prices are negotiable, because this stuff needs to go. I'd like to stick with Paypal or money orders for payments, but Im willing to accept personal checks and cash (at your risk!)

I can be contacted via PM or emailed at aryastar (at) gmail (dot)(com)