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06-09-2007, 01:30 PM
i've always wanted to cosplay a character from .hack, being my favorite game/anime, but i don't really have experience in making costumes.
but now i have more of an idea on sewing so i would love to try to cosplay the ex emperor Alkaid. i just need some tips on getting started and materials i can use please? i really appreciate anyone who helps me out.
here are some reference pics as well ^^;

06-29-2007, 10:07 PM
Sorry this reply is kind of late :(

I actually considered an Alkaid costume for my friend (since she didn't know much about .hack) and thought it through a little.

I recommend Simplicity 3675 for the pants (I used it for Sakaki), and lots of interfacing for all of the stiffer parts of the cosplay. The wig looks a little hard to me, but if you're familiar with wig-dying (I use the sharpie method) then it's possible to the gradient on her hair with a few different colors (and some patience!)
I don't know if it's at all Joanne's stores, but mine had a sale on all furs as of today, and I'm halfway sure the sharpie method for dying wigs would work on the fur as well (I know it works on felt). You should be able to find the cord pretty easily, and the stripes could be done with bias tape or even ribbon (you could sew or use stitch-witch). And I'm pretty sure there are boots like Alkaid's available on cosworx.com.
I wish I could help with her shirt, and the only way I've known to put on tattooes is with lip liner, but it smears fairly easily.
Hope this helps!