View Full Version : SELLING - Kingdom Hearts II Sora Outfit

06-10-2007, 07:07 PM
PLEASE READ ALL [It explains alot, all questions can and will be answered though]

Firstly I apologize for lack of pictures but I WILL have them up soon!

I just have no camera at this moment. ><; Ugh... please stiill mention if you're even interested! [Alterations can be made as well]


This is for his pants,shirt,jacket,gloves and of course "pouches" and straps... which are adjustable.

The materials are of various types... please tell me if you have any allergies to any types so I can make sure.

Anyway the outfit was bought around the price of $160.00 USD... but i'm open to offers for lower and this includes shipping.

The outfit is around a large-XL in size but can be altered and the height it was made for was 5'7" BUT can also be altered if wished.

If anyone is interested please tell me... ill get photo's up soon I promise. ;;

Reason for selling is i'm not a kingdom hearts fan anymore and I am also having money issues... costume is in a smoke free home in perfect condition and located in Alberta, Canada.

06-11-2007, 01:48 AM
I'd like to see some pics before anything...let me know when you get them taken.