View Full Version : Artist Alley at Oni-con Question

06-11-2007, 10:09 PM
My friend is really wanting to get a table in the Artist Alley this year at Oni-con, but I'm not so sure were're ready for it. Mainly, we were just going to sell sample pics of our original manga and other things as well. I was wondering if Oni-con would be a good place to get a first Artist Alley table at a convention? If so, we could use tips and such about the Artist Alley.

If we do get a table, then she's gonna make me make our manga characters' outfits for us to cosplay. (More work for me.)

06-16-2007, 06:03 PM
^ i was actually planning to do the same thing with one of my mangas. i don't know if i'll be doing it tho, since school is keeping me really busy( even through the summer) but having an art table is a great way to get your manga out there. best thing to do is make a banner or something. having business cards is great so people can grab those if there interested. is the manga online? you can probably have the weblink on your business cards. flyers are cheaper than business cards. make one and get like 500 copies to give away from your table. oni-con brings in alot of people, so make sure you get a good spot in the alley where people are sure to see your table( don't get one in the corner, less people visit those) you can try to get one near a popular table so people will linger around your table too.