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06-13-2007, 11:11 PM
Tikki here! Just posting a quick overview of things happening. Most of this is already posted on the AMA website, but it can't hurt to post here as well!

Hall Contest, 7-9pm (All Purpose Room)

Panel/Textiles & Supplies, 9-10:30 AM (Workshop Two)
Panel/Presentation, 11:00-11:30 AM (Main Events)
Rehearsal, 11:30-1:30pm (Main Events)
Hall Contest, 1:30-3:30 pm (All Purpose Room)
Masquerade Craftsmanship Pre-Judging, 3:00-4:30pm (Workshop Two)
Cosplayer Line-up, 5-5:30 pm (Main Events)
Masquerade, 6-8 pm (Main Events)

Panel/Cosplay Forum, 2-3pm (Panel Room Four)

Please check out the website for the specific rules for each contest!

Registration for the Hall Contest is on site in the All Purpose Room and staff WILL BE shutting the doors during the last 15-20 minutes to allow the judges the chance to finish anyone still waiting.

Registration for the Masquerade is in front of Con Ops. There will be a table with copies of the rules and registration forms. Registration ends on Saturday at 11 AM! Rehearsal is MANDATORY (!!!) as that is when I will have the entries organized so that I can pass out entry badges during the beginning. Anyone who does not show up to Rehearsal will be dropped from the contest.

The Textiles & Supplies workshop will have a lot of panelists demonstrating a variety of craft techniques. Lizzy will be teaching basic embroidery and beading techniques. Ruth and I will go over basics of foam, Jamie's coving fabric dyes and paints, while Paul will show a lot of different materials that can be used making props. There was even talk of a resin cast demo and latex... which I'm looking forward to, as I'd like to see it in action as well! :)

The Cosplay Forum on Sunday is a panel that is meant for anyone with a gripe, compliment or suggestion for AMA's cosplay events. Got an idea for a new panel? Didn't like how some panel or event went and have a better idea? Any general questions? Then come to the panel and discuss things with me and my staff. We DO want all our cosplay activities to be fun and helpful, but without outside input, we won't know how well (or poorly) we're doing our jobs!

There are also a few other panels that are not under my direction. We've got a Kimono panel, a Cat Ears & Tails panel, and a specific Weapons & Props panel (this one by a vendor). Please check the program guide for times and locations when you get to the con!

See you guys there!

06-13-2007, 11:21 PM
um the website states rehearsal as begining at 12 pm ? is 11:30 the new time?

06-14-2007, 08:01 AM
Ah, I see what you looked at. The program schedule from the events section... And I'm about to kick some ass when I get there cause those aren't the times I arranged. To be safe, go by the actual schedules listed in the Cosplay section of the website, NOT the program guide.

All sorts of things were moved back to earlier times this year as there will be a concert after the Masquerade. Please make sure you note all the times this year as everything for the Masquerade was affected, including the Masquerade registration deadline (which is 11 AM, instead of last year's 12 noon)!

06-14-2007, 09:58 AM
Hooray!! I can't to see everyone this year at the panels or masq!! Stop by and say hi! I just finished up prepping the indiviual squares for the beading/embroidery for everyone. Sweet! I promise it won't be grueling. ^^

I'm leaving in an hour. Wooo!! See ya then!

06-17-2007, 07:58 PM
Tikki - Who won the Hall Costume Contests? I asked all kinds of people on staff and at the information table, but no one could tell me or even tell me who to ask; it was really frustrating. I left the Masquerade when they started the improv, so I missed the official announcement :/

Actually, I really wish that, during the contest itself, there had been some sort of statement about whether or not we should have stayed in the seats and waited, where to look for the results, etc, etc. I was very confused.

Thanks for running this event, it was otherwise a smooth introduction to competitive cosplaying for me. :)

06-17-2007, 11:10 PM
In response to finding out who won awards at the con, you have to sit and wait at Main Events for the judges to come back. Since compiling all the information from the registration forms and score sheets takes a lot of time and a computer (which I do not have at the convention), the final results of any contest are usually posted online after the convention's over. This is typical for any anime convention that I've ever attended. I choose to use Cosplay.com to post up results and it'll eventually be linked to the AMA site as well. The Info desk/Con Ops only had the two awards left from the Masquerade that didn't stay for the announcements, and staff rotates constantly at that table so it's easy for them to not know anything regarding the cosplay. All the no-shows for the Hall awards are with Greg, who leads that section of my cosplay staff. I'll get him to send me the information regarding the Hall Contest this week.

As for knowing when awards are given out, the AMA website section on the Hall Contest states that the Hall awards would be announced before the Masquerade awards. At any competition, the judges always sequester for the Masquerade awards once the entries are finished on stage. The half time show entertains the audience as they wait for the awards to be determined and announced. Most conventions typically announced all the costume contest awards (so both Hall and Masquerade) after the Half-Time show, starting with the Hall Awards. Unfortunately, it tends to drag on. Next year we'll be arranging things a bit differently for the award announcements to break it up a bit. It'll help the audience keep things separate, as well as fill time for the Masquerade judges to do their thing. We're also discussing a third (and very experimental) costume event but I need approval first from the con chair.

I'll post the awards for Masquerade tomorrow, as it's late, I'm tired and it'll take a bit to type it all up. I have pictures of all Hall Contest entries, and any of the entries for the Masquerade that did craftsmanship judging. Unfortunately, my camera battery died before the actual Masquerade and we didn't get photos of all the Masquerade entries backstage... :( But what images I do have will be up by the end of the week and all the winners will be labeled. The Hall Contest pictures will be posted here as well but I'll have to label the winners once Greg gets me the paperwork that went home with him today. I forgot to get the reg forms and award list before we left the con. Sorry! It was a loooong weekend.

PS. If anyone has any suggestions for next year's events, please PM me. Honestly, I know I take it for granted that people know to stick around for awards, that they read the rules on the site and all the basic stuff, but I'm always running into people that don't seem to get the competition process. Like folks NOT looking at the program schedule for the time of the Hall Contest, or trying to register for a skit at the Hall Contest... or showing up at the Masquerade's Craftsmanship judging to try and register for the event when registration was closed several hours before... a lot of really confused people that just don't get it for some reason or another. All of these things ARE written and explained in the cosplay events pages on our website. I don't know how to get any more clear without being patronizing.

06-18-2007, 01:53 AM
Thank you for everything Tiki. I thought the Masquerade went very well, at the very least I know I had a good time. That was definitely the highlight of the convention for me and it is what we end up spending half of Saturday preparing for so it is great when it turns out well. I am interested to see the changes for next year. It sounds like it will be a nice change of pace that will make things smoother.
I did have a couple of ramdom thoughts this evening that may or may not be feasible. First, what about putting the forms to fill out for the Masquerade online where people can print them. I know that I personally would kind of like to have it all filled out before I get there. There's a better chance I would notice everything and write neatly. I know that it is unlikely that everyone would use it, but maybe a good percentage would and it would make the process a little bit easier. Second, what about putting the awards for the AMVs during the Masquerade instead of closing ceremonies? There is a better chance that more of the video makers would be there and that could be a good time filler as well. That idea is a little bit of a stretch, but it would almost make sense to me.

06-18-2007, 08:55 AM
Glad that you enjoyed the show! And thanks for coming to the Cosplay Forum panel!

Well, the registration forms for the Masquerade actually were available as a .pdf for download this year. The file's hyperlinked twice in the Masquerade section of the website, one in the text preceeding the rules and the other on the ride side bar. We are trying to figure out the best way to do pre-registration for next year, though that's mainly for convenience's sake and not by necessity. We only had 17 actual entries this year and can't seem to break past 20 since AMA 3... Meanwhile, the Hall Contest had over 70 entries this year. *chuckles*

I'll mention the AMV awards as an idea, but there's already so many other awards being listed out after the Masquerade, it just might be too much. Also, people may not want to sit in line and then thru the Masquerade just to hear if their video won something. I know the con chair prefers to start Closing Ceremonies with the AMV stuff, so it's actually more convenient. I don't know if it's announced on the website like that though... I guess it's more a matter of making it clear when and where things are announced so people can plan accordingly.

06-22-2007, 12:48 AM
Tikki, I was wondering if you had the contact info for the craftsmanship judges?

I'm sorry I don't know their names, but after the awards the male judge came up to me and said to find him later so he could give me his email address and let me know how I could improve my costume.

I never did get a chance to find him again so if you have his info I would appreciate it. Thanks!