View Full Version : missing pencil pouch PLEASE READ!

06-16-2007, 07:54 PM
okay so today my friends and I showed up late to the figure drawing workshop and once we realized we'd missed the instructional part of it we decided to move on. However, one of my firends realized afterwards that her pencil pouch was missing. She had taken it out for like two seconds in the figure drawing place (workshop 2) but other than that had left it in her bag as far as she knew. throughout the day she checked the lost and found, all the places we'd been, and with security, however its still missing. It's fairly small and black with SABER CASTEL embroidered in gold on the side and is filled with all kinds of blenders, pencils, erasers, etc. I would really appreaciate it if everyone would keep an eye out for it! She's in art freak so losing all that is a really big blow. I still can't believe anyone especially anyone at an anime con (we're all so nice) would steal something especially something like that thats not even valuable to anyone who doesn't take a sketchbook everywhere they go. if you find it please PM me and we'll figure out a way to get it to her. Thank you so much!