View Full Version : Crazy animal hats! Plus punk and gothic clothing for sale! <3

06-19-2007, 12:13 PM
Howdy all! I have some new crazy hats and some punk and gothic clothing for sale! I'm hoping to sell enough to get my buddy a birthday present! ^_^"

On E-Bay! A Crazy Panda hat, Evil Bunny with red button eyes, a Heartless Hat! Also a long pleather skirt by Tripp and a red plaid bondage gown by Lip Service! All items are brand new! I personally made the hats myself and they have never been worn. The clothing still has the tags and have never been worn, just sitting in my closet. They all need homes! ;3


Also for direct sale, I cleaned out my closet and I have some cool clothes I want to get rid of. They're all in new condition! I have alot of pleather pants and some cool goth tops!


I can ship all items with USPS Priority Mail and I accept Paypal! Thank you for checking out my stuff! X3

06-20-2007, 01:13 PM
So cute Crizl!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still wanting a cute panda hat for myself!! xD I'm selling some thins so hopefuly I'll get some money and get back to you! :D so cute. I just love your things