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06-21-2007, 01:09 AM
I'm cleaning out my cosplay/costume closet and getting rid of allot of things that either: don't fit me, I am tired of, or arn't finished and I have no desire to finish them. Please take it all at the prices listed or better offer (willing to make a deal).

9 Pairs of Fantasy Costume Horns, Furry Masquerade Accessories, Dark Link (Legend of Zelda) Tunic, BloodRayne Casual Top, Black (Emily the Strange) Wig, Medusa Costume, Little Bo "Peep Show" (Sexy/Lolita style), Celtic Cape w/cross embrodery, Maiden of Darkness, Snow Fright (Gothic Lolita style).

Sexy Witch, Emily The Strange Cosplay, Malice in Wonderland.

I accept paypal only, my paypal e-mail is bloodmoonent@gmail.com

Within the US should be between a $1.00 - $5.00 dependent on your location or the size of the package.


9 Pairs of Fantasy Costume Horns:
Full page of them between $5 & $15 a pair.

Sexy Witch:
- Comes with hat and gloves attached to dress. This one is Brand New in package, but I have a photo of me modeling in the exact same costume. NEW in Package!
- Price: $30.00
- Size: Adult Medium

Emily The Strange Cosplay:
3 costumes in 2 sizes available
- I somehow ended up with 3 of these, don't ask me how... I don't know and one doesn't even fit me. NEW in Package!
- Price: $30.00
- Size: 2 Teen/Juniors Sizes 5-7 (which fits me and I run a womens small, with small bust) AND size 3-5

Malice in Wonderland:
- black princess satin corset style dress with attached white apron, crinoline, and black & white chequered leggings. NEW in Package!
- Price: $30.00
- Size: Juniors/Teen (size 3-5)

Furry Masquerade Accessories:
- Fuzzy Costume Pieces Included only (belt, shrug, and arm bands).
- Price: $5.00
This was one of my first costume pieces, I just want to get rid of them because I need to clean out the costume box and need some extra cash for my BloodRayne Blades. Worn once over a corset and skirt for Labyrinth Masquerade, they look great with matching or leathery wings (which is how I wore them the first time). Or you can take them apart and do whatever with them.

Dark Link (Legend of Zelda) Tunic:
- Partially finished Dark/Shadow Link Tunic.
- Price: $6.00
I started making this as a commission and it ended up being WAY to small for a broad sholdered dude. It is only missing a collar and has a simple cut in the front so it can be finished. It's 35inches from sleeve to sleeve and 27 inches from top to bottom. Would work perfect for a very small male, small female cosplayer. It fits me perfectly.
http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=651586 (looks like this, without finised collar)

BloodRayne Casual Top:
- Partially finished, could use a zipper. Top based on BloodRayne's top in cotton.
- Price: $6.00
Another one I started to be able to wear out as an everyday top because I LOVE Rayne's design. It's pretty much finished, the bottem will need to be hemmed depending on your size and the front needs a zipper. It fits like BloodRaynes top and runs a size small female. Cup size 32-34A and below. It can also be altered to be actual Rayne cosplay.

Black (Emily the Strange) Wig:
- Halloween wig, one of the better quality ones that I have seen. Unopened in package, brand new. One size fits most.
- Price: $15.00

Dark Queen of Hearts (Lolita style):
- Sexy/Lolita styled red velvet costume. Petticoat and crown included. Worn once for photoshoot (see photos).
- Price: $30.00
- Size: Adult Medium

Large Red Shimmer Nymph:
- The photo below is a green version of the costume. The costume itself has never been worn, but does not include the wings. It is a deep red shimmery/reflective fabric. Armbands included. NEW in Package!
- Price: $20.00
- Size: Adult Large

Medusa Costume:
- Adult Roman Costume is a crushed velvet dress, vinyl headpiece missing. Armbands/drape isn't included. NEW in Package!
- Price: $25.00
- Size: Adult Small

Little Bo "Peep Show" (Sexy/Lolita style):
- The Little Bo "Peep Show" costume includes: pink & white chequered corset style dress, white lace petticoat, white apron, bonnet with bow tie, and pink ruffled panties. The "peep show" is the ruffled panties showing in the balk half. NEW in Package!
- Price: $30.00
- Size: Adult Medium

Celtic Cape w/cross embrodery:
- Soild velvet cape with celtic cross embrodery on the back. NEW in Package!
- Price: $35.00

Maiden of Darkness:
2 costumes in 2 sizes available
- The costume in the photo is red, but I have it in black. This is one of my favorite costumes, I somehow collected several of them. The top and skirt can easily be worn seperate as part of everyday goth wear. NEW in Package!
- Price: $30.00
- Size: Adult Medium and Juniors/Teen (size 3-5)

Miss Muffet (Lolita style):
2 costumes in 2 sizes available
- This sexy version of the classic nursery rhyme character features a Pink and White checked dress with lace-up corset and crinoline skirt accent. Attached apron with spider artwork. NEW in Package!
- Price: $30.00
- Size: Adult Medium and Juniors/Teen (size 3-5)

Snow Fright (Gothic Lolita style):
- The Snow Fright costume includes: black princess satin and velour dresss with attached cape and red ribbon trim. NEW in Package!
- Price: $30.00
- Size: Adult Medium

06-21-2007, 01:40 AM
I'm really interested on Emily the strange's wig, though can you reserve it?

06-21-2007, 02:19 AM
You can reserve it, no problem.

06-21-2007, 05:08 PM
A few things have been sold and I have added a few things! Ash let me know if you for sure want to reserve the wig. I won't be able to hold it long.