View Full Version : Costume, Wig and Art Commissions are Open~! Just in time for Otakon!!

06-22-2007, 02:47 PM
Since I'm currently looking for a new job, I thought I would start trying to get more commissions. I do anything from 2D art commissions, plush commissions and now some costume comissions.

For examples of my art and plush, please check my deviant gallery:


I hope to get a webpage up soon with all my art and sewing talents, including costumes, but here is one of my newest cosplays that I completed for ACEN:



I don't have costumes from TekkoshoCon or Anime Punch unfortunally, since someone refuses to give me those pictures. If I get them, I'll post them on cosplaylab.com eventually.

I work with numerous types of materials and I work with you to satsify your needs to get the product you want correctly. I work with fleece, suede, twill, cotton, velvet, etc.

Here's a general idea of prices, each varies per person and request:

2D art:

sketches - starting at $2.00 each
inked - starting at $4.00 each
CGed - starting at $10.00 each


cell phone charms - starting at $3.00 each
figurines - starting at $5.00 each
pins - starting at $3.00 each

Foam pins:

faces - starting at $4.00 each


keychains - starting at $5.00 each
Heartless/Moogles - starting at $10.00 each
small - starting at $20.00 each
medium - starting at $30.00 each
large - starting at $40.00 each
xlarge - starting at $50.00 each


Prices range from $30.00 - $150.00 generally, depending on the detail work and type of material.

If you are interested in any of the following, please copy and paste this here or in email please:

Email Address:
Instant Messanger Contact (aim, yim or msn) :
Characeter Name:
Series Character is from:
Type of Art:
Date for when plush or costume is needed:
What Size you wish the plush, costume or art you want it to be:
What type of material you would like it to be:
A refrence pic (if possible):

I prefer it if you sent this information by email. Once I recieve it, I can work with you to get you a quote quickly as possibly. Thanks~!