View Full Version : baby bunnies might need a home. (cinci area)

06-22-2007, 11:25 PM
ok so i got 3 baby raccoons, 1 baby skunk, and by tomorrow morning i will more than likey have 4 baby bunnies. and those bunnies need a home. i can't handle 3 rambuntious raccoons. and 5 infant animals who need fed every 2 hours by myself.

so when i have a definate answer of if they need homes tomorrow anyone want one? the bunnies still haven't opened their eyes yet, and have just peach fuzz on them. momma bunny hasn't been seen for almost 2 days. if she hasn't come all night when i got check on them in the morning if they are still alive they will need a home. and be fed for a while by bottle every two hours.

if need be, and you don't want one that needs that much attention. we got enough temp hands that we can take care of the babies till they don't need so much attention, like off the bottle or near off the bottle. so if interested please pm me or post here. and i'll edit this in the morning with exact info. like if mom showed up or if they made it.

i was thinking some of my fellow cosplayers might want some company on those long hard nights of slaving over a sewing machine or workbench, and what better company than a cute fuzzy baby animal who needs a home.

06-23-2007, 12:24 AM
I thought having racoons as pets where illegal.

06-23-2007, 12:48 AM
I really don't think this is a good idea to post on offer online like this. Perhaps you are experienced with raising orphaned wildlife, but most people aren't. It's hard work and the success rate at it is actually not very high, especially with baby rabbits. It's constant work, especially the feedings. Also mother rabbits only feed their young once a day and then will leave them alone the rest of the time. So it could be that she is returning to feed them and you're not seeing her. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that you're helping with wildlife rescue type things, but I just think your offer is a bit misleading to people.

06-23-2007, 08:25 AM
I thought having racoons as pets where illegal.

they aren't pets. and it is. they are being released at the end of summer when they can take care of themselves. you get a lincese and permission to rehabiltate them. i help with the raccoons. i get them for some weekends and in two weeks i get them for a week.

and we placed straw on top of the bunnies to protect them from the sun, and it hasn't been disturbed for 3 days now. not even last night. i checked them this morning. and fed them. but thankfully my friend convinced her dad to let her take them. so they don't need homes anymore thankfully. her dog just died a few weeks ago so she can have more pets. and her boyfriend is taking two of them.

and yeah when your friends with a vet assisant, and two guys who rehabilitate baby raccoons, you learn real quick how to take care of animals. and yeah the smaller the animal the less likey it is to survive with out it's mom.

sorry it seemed misleading. i thought the exact must be fed every two hours would deter poeple who weren't serious about it.

thank you both for posting though. i guess my thing about the raccoons was confusing huh kala. people do not pick up a raccoon and try to keep it as a pet. bad, bad, bad idea. cause once they hit about 6 months they are mean.

06-23-2007, 11:18 AM