View Full Version : I'm moving from Sweden to France!

06-26-2007, 04:43 AM
Yeah I hope you will understand this...

I'm a 13 year old girl who's moving to france after the summer, I'm a cosplayer and I'm wondering what the ages cosplaying starts In france is?
I don't want to stop with cosplay, so wich ages 12? to ??...does cosplay?
Is cosplay very big there or?

Thanks for reading!


06-26-2007, 04:35 PM
here coplayers are older in average I think more about 16 years old but we see very often young cosplayers such as you so don't worry.
And don't forget you are cosplaying for you and not the other so the age isn't important.
for big cosplay you have to go to paris but if you go elsewhere it will be fewer.
when and were do you go in fact ?it will be easier to telle if you answer to those two

07-01-2007, 07:42 AM
Ooooh you're moving to France without talking french ?? ôO Good luck !

However, my sister is 11 and a cosplayer too so don't be afraid n_n !