View Full Version : The Ladies of Moon Light, Looking for New Members.

07-05-2007, 04:55 PM
Ladies of Moon Light.
In the name of the moon, We will punish you.
Well, Hello there friends. My name is Midnight, and I am one of the three founders of the Ladies of Moon Light. Along with my good friends Sonsko-chan and Lemon-Ice.
We are are a newly formed cosplay group that is based in California.
We are looking for new members and would love if you would contact us. Either through our LJ, [listed below] or through email [also below]
Our first cosplays together will be at the Anime Expo in 2008, that is where we will debut the costumes and the group.
The first costumes we are going to due are the Sailor Scouts, and possibles others from the series, we are looking for mainly the scouts at the moment though.
We would really love if you would join, for any other info. contact one of us.

Thank you very much for your time, We hope to see applications soon and can't wait to get this family grow. We all hope to hear from you!

ApplicationHere! (http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a183/xxBlackRose1291xx/Anime/application.jpg)
You MUST fill out the application and send it to ALL three of the leaders who emails are below.


P.S. Guys, please don't be afraid to apply..We are always looking for Villian and Tuxedo Mask!

ALSO- We are looking almost all of the characters. You don't HAVE to be in California, as long as you attend atleast ONE CA con[Must be one at least one of the leading ladies is at]. You may also join for the future cosplays you just won't be fully official till you cosplay with the group.

We may be doing other cosplay's for cons from now till AX, so keep a look out!

Midnight- Blackrose1291@aol.com[Sailor Moon]
Lemon-Ice- himemaegan@aol.com[Sailor Saturn]
Sonsko-Chan - CaitlinP424@aol.com[Sailor Pluto]