View Full Version : Getting a tape of your favorite thing

05-04-2003, 10:39 PM
Hello i found out some news for everyone that went to animeboston03.There is a person who is making a documentary of this con.He is doing a tape of the whole con itself into an hour or two long video.He can put this on either dvd or vhs tape.Plus if you want just one part of the con itself you can get this part too(example you want just the masquerade or who's line is it you can get this also).The persons email address is as follows therantingswede@yahoo.com .Now if enough people sign to a copy the prices of shipping will go down cause he can do a bulk mailing.So lets get a whole bunch of people to get his material so shipping and handling is cheap plus this shows that all of his hard work will not be in vain.I am not sure on the excat price yet cause he is putting all the material together but still i am sure it will not be that much.I wanted to pass this onto everyone so you fine folks will know.