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05-05-2003, 10:30 PM
kk hi ^.^ need som help wit a costume i kinda wanna attempt 2 make (tho iono if i realy wanna wear it 2 the next con coz i already started a costume 4 tat ^.^;; ) newayz its this realy kewl yukata-ish costume of lulu from space a (a kpop band, sowwie i kno this is a jpop/jrock forum but i thought it was close enuff -.-; ) newayz i was wonderin if ne1 has ne other pix of her in this costume or some advice on wat 2 make the sleeves out of (coz its kinda semi-transparent material but theres the designs on the sleeves... -.-; )
i posted the only pic of her tat i could find. shes the blonde grl at the bottom, not the 1 between the 2 boiz (tho her costume is kewl 2 ^.^)

05-06-2003, 02:49 AM



*koff* anyways, wow!! i wanted to do a space a costume too back in the day!! i should do one with you :D heeheehee, anyways, there are lots of things you can make the sleeves out of. if you check around fabric stores you can get some sheer fabric, and the patterns on there can be made with nice fabric paints~

i will check around some of my magazines and try to get you some space a pictures, i definetely know i have more of those outfits ^_^