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05-05-2003, 10:39 PM
hiii yll. i kno this is a kpop band (space a!!) nd not jpop/jrock but this was as close as i could get. i wanna do this 1 costume i found a pix of but i only found 1 pic of it. i was hopin i could mayb find som more pix of it be4 i started improvisin ^.~ o nd i need som advice on the sleeves (their semi-transparent nd have som kinda design on them tat i cant quite make out)
o nd if ive already posted som thread similar 2 this but havent got a pic attached 2 it, its coz i tried 2 times b4 2 submit this but the pic was 2 big so iono if the actual thread loaded but i guess ill find out after i post this then :P
sowwie if the pic quality is grainy, i had 2 downsize the pic 2 b able 2 post it ^.^;;
kk thanx yll \\//(^.~)

05-06-2003, 03:02 AM
once again like i said in the other thread... YOU ROCK!! SO MUCH!! FOR CHOOSING SPACE A COSTUMES!!!

i had wanted to do a space a group once upon a time back in the day, i might just go and attack youjin outfit now... you've inspired me~ ^^

again, i have some magazines with these outfits in them, i will try to go and get them scanned sometime. ^^ as for the sleeves, sheer material and fabric paints ^.^