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05-18-2002, 04:47 AM
So, does anyone else here make costumes for other people? I started making costumes for other people before I even started sewing my own. However, I've found myself in a tough situation where I feel pressured to make a million costumes per convention, almost half of which are for others. It is a drag and I think that it has taken a lot of the initial fun out of cosplaying!

Has anyone else ever felt pressure from others? Is there a nice way to tell them that you want to sew only for yourself? I just don't want to seem like a huge disappointment or a bad friend. So many- too many- of my friends have come to rely on my shoddy sewing skills and it is too stressful for me. I want cosplay to be all about fun! I feel really selfish withdrawing my promises to sew for others... but I think it would be best for me, sanity-wise (I've been up 1~3 days straight before every convention in the last year, and I'm less and less motivated to sew anything anymore).

Argh! I'm a very frustrated cosplayer!!! :blubber:

05-18-2002, 05:30 AM
I've passed for this situation once. I make characters acessories and lot of my friends came asking me to make some for them.
The best answer for this question is: tell the truth! That is the best solution, tell how pressured you are feeling and tel them you will make the costume in another time. But to not disappoint all of them, make only a few and focus on your costume. Some will feel disappointed, but there's no how to avoid this. But when you say the truth try to be polite and apologize for not making their costume.
I think it's the best way, it worked with me.



05-18-2002, 12:33 PM
I'm currently making a bunch of costumes for other people. I wasn't roped into it or anything. Its my fualt. I volunteered because it was the only way to finish up what I figured would be some pretty cool groups to cosplay as....... I will probably never do it again. Its just WAY to much work. One or two extra costumes with people who are willing to help in their construction is ok, but beyond that, I'm only working on my own from now on.