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Master Ranma
07-29-2007, 06:14 PM
Hi All,

I organized the Cosplay Parade for this year; enclosed are links to photos, video slide, and survey. Thank You! (Sorry, I forgot all about this site...><)

Also, add Sakura Con as your myspace friend at:






Thank You so much in participating in this year's Cosplay Parade at
Chinatown Seafair Parade 2007! It was a great turn out and huge success! (We
had 85+ cosplayers!) I'm glad you're able to meet old pals, new buddies, and
just an excuse to cosplay! =p I am hoping we'll be able to do this again
soon! If things work out right, we'll be able to do more parades next year:
Gay Pride Parade 2008, and Chinatown Seafair Parade 2008, and Torch Light
Parade 2008!

For the time being, I wish to collect some feedback from you regarding this
event. By doing this, we'll get more orgainized and prepared for next year!

Also, next year, we'll try and get some water and maybe some treats for you
guys! Please pass this info on to others! Thank You!

-Warren Chin
Team Sakura Captain 2007-2008


1) What went well for the Cosplay Parade?

2) What didn't went so well for the Cosplay Parade?

3) Any suggestions/comments?