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07-31-2007, 05:06 PM
Yes...I'm sorry to invade this sub-forum as I am not Korean, but I've got some questions that I'd like answered, and this seemed like the right place...

Due to my long-time love of movie costumes and Asian movies, I've been working on Gong-gil from Wang-ui Namja. Disregarding the fact that I am female, I need information on male hanbok, or historical male clothing. Everything I look up only talks about female hanbok in detail, and is pretty vague, if not downright useless in regard to the other gender's apparel. I suppose I should highlight the main things I wish to know:

Firstly, how does that belt-like thing work exactly? It appears that there is the decorative front made of the same fabric as the main part of the...um, I don't know the word, outer coat? Hmm...anyway, on the belt there appear to be several layers of different fabric. Would those be sewn to the back just for visual effect, or is this really a very heavy, multi-layered belt?

Secondly, it seems that the pants, which I know would be quite loose fitting, are tied with...something at/near the knees, or the calves to be more precise. Are there any specifics about how to do that? (Dumb question, yes, but I want to do this right...) However, I've also seen in promo-image like things times when the knee-ties or whatever they may be called are absent...

...on a related note, although my instincts say that the pants ought to be sort of...I dunno, gathered or something around the ankles, or even just tailored, but they appear to hang loose. Is that correct, or are my instincts right?

Thirdly, does anyone know anything about those odd shoes they have...they're rather turned upwards at the ends. I'd like to know what those are made of, as they look much stiffer than just fabric.

Anyway, I'm very, very sorry to have this many questions. >.< I'm just a bit of a perfectionist about this particular project.

P.S.- If the resources are too few, it's OK to link me to Korean sites- I can read it fine. =)