View Full Version : Your Opinion Please... ^^;;

Yggdrasil Pie
08-31-2002, 01:34 AM
Yea, It's pretty early...I need your opinions, which of these costumes would you like to see? I already have too much ideas... (Me and my ideas.... @.@)

I seriously don't think I can do them all....it's like...impossible for me, especially that i gotta help my friends with their costumes... teehehe... yep yep! ^^

08-31-2002, 02:28 AM
Anything SNK always gets my approval..:) though Soul Calibur aint too bad either ;) (sending subliminal brainwaves)

09-05-2002, 01:55 AM
You can't go wrong with Fruits Basket!! I wanna go as Tohru and have my boyfriend go as Kyo ;)

09-05-2002, 09:25 AM
Raiha, Raiha! [bounces over-excitedly] There's not nearly enough Recca cosplay out there, and I'd -love- to see someone make a Raijin. Creepiest weapon ever! ^_^

Yggdrasil Pie
09-05-2002, 11:45 PM
lol, This is getting interesting, thanks for your replies! ^^