View Full Version : Green Lantern Corps vs. Sinestro Corps photoshoot

08-10-2007, 07:48 PM

We've been organizing this photoshoot (http://p072.ezboard.com/ftheleagueofheroesfrm7.showMessageRange?topicID=52 72.topic&start=1&stop=20) on the League of Heroes (http://p072.ezboard.com/btheleagueofheroes), I thought some members here might be interested in joining. So far we have:

GL Corps
Rafterbat - Hal Jordan (post-Rebirth)
Am2000man - Guy Gardner
GL 10590 - Kyle Rayner (lycra) and John Stewart (friend)
moshi407 - Kyle Rayner (suede)
Margie - Soranik Natu
NJOberon - Sentinel or Ion 1.0
akabrwyne - Alan Scott and Abin Sur
Bigdaddyel - Kid Lantern
aquaman & partner - Alan Scott and GL
Damian - GL
Rex - custom GL
NW100 - GL
SSgt Burton - GL
Maucool - GL
Rev Batman - GL

Sinestro Corps
Nevernaut - Sinestro (current uniform), Karu-Sil, Despotellis, & GL
stampedemag - Arkillo or custom GL
greenarrowfl - Parallax (Hal Jordan version)
Sam from the UK - Parallax (Kyle Rayner version)

Other GL Regulars
JJ - Star Sapphire
Allen's brother's girlfriend - Star Sapphire (JLU version)

Anyone is welcome to join, with 7200+ Corps members and 52 Earths there's plenty of room for everyone.