View Full Version : MS-Gundam Girl Cosplay

08-22-2007, 08:52 PM
i wanted to cosplay one of the ms gundam girls but i have no idea what type of materials i need, i saw a few people cosplay the whole suit gundams but i cant find what they used for certain parts, does anyone know ^^; heres a pic

08-23-2007, 12:04 AM
Wow. You are made of win, pure win. Hope you get it workin.

12-07-2010, 03:35 AM
i cosplayed that exact gundam girl:P

02-27-2011, 11:53 AM
For one, you will need a leotard or something similar. As for the material, depending on your budget, you can go with either cardboard, wonderflex, foam, or some other rigid material that can also breath easy.