View Full Version : Marvel UK/Death's Head

08-25-2007, 07:48 PM
Seeing the flurry of Transformers cosplay going on got me thinking about the old Marvel Transformers comics. I dug a few old issues that are still intact out, and ah, the memories they brought back. In particular, they brought back one of my favorite, though rarely seen, characters of my childhood: Death's Head. The cyborg bounty hunter, although best known for his Marvel UK series, in fact debuted in The Transformers. Sadly, Death's Head comics were hard to come by in my childhood. Nonetheless, I am now keen to know if anyone has ever conceived a cosplay of Death's Head, or any other Marvel UK character. There were some fun ones to draw off, like Excalibur or Plasmer Girl. I am especially curios, as I just found out that Marvel resurrected Death's Head a couple years ago. So if there are any other fan's out there, please, speak up, and lets see some Death's Head cosplay, yes?