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09-05-2007, 11:48 PM
Hey everyone, I am new here and am HOPEFULLY going to an anime-con with my friends back home. I wanted to be Integral, however I've never really done an anime costume...My father has the perfect jacket I got from him. He was in Vietnam and has a green army jacket( a little big for me but Integral wears a mans jacket anyway) I have the perfect boots for her, all I really need to buy is a white button up, and black slacks. My problem is with her gloves, Gun/holsters, ascot..thing and the cross on it.
For an idea of the costume I am going for here is a link to the manga image:

I considered buying the costume...but it all looked very generic and I love the fact I will have a REAL army jacket! But I can't seem to find online proper gloves. All websites they seem to look..cheap and just not well made.
Her ascot I know is amazingly complicated to tie and was hoping to find one already made in an accessory store without the cross STITCHED into the fabric.
The cosplay rules are pretty much standard I guess, no Live(sharpened) Steel and obviously no REAL weapons, anyone know where I can buy a knock off of her guns? Or perhaps the Holsters around her arms? Someone suggested a sporting goods store or hunting store.
I cant afford to spend ALOT of money, on these items. I figured out the cross is indeed a PIN in her ascot(presumably keeping it together) however I can't seem to find one! I've even had someone tell me I shouldn't even use a cross because I am atheist(Yes an atheist Hellsing fan..) Though since I am being someone else I think it would be okay to wear a cross...right? If I do I cant seem to find one.

I have NEVER done an anime cosplay before and would really love to go and impress my friends back home in Michigan with a great costume, and the little details are what make Integral's costume come together. So if anyone has any help or ideas for me I would really appreciate it.