View Full Version : Lay of the land: Masquerade hall, gatherings, etc.

Hazel Chaz
09-23-2007, 12:25 AM
On this map, the convention center building is the building on the right.

Academy One, in the middle of that building, will be LP1. It's about 60'x104'. Masquerade will be there. Academy Six is LP2/Masquerade Green Room. You'll note that it connects directly to LP1, for easy access to the backstage area. You'll go through the dotted line, not out the room and through a back corridor.

Academy Four-Five will be Gaming (video and tabletop).

Sunset A-B and Vine A-B: One of them will be LP4/Music, the other will be the indoor photo gathering room (where Kokuu is setting up lights and backdrops). We're going back and forth on whether it would be better to have the photo room right across from LP2/Masquerade Green Room, or if it should be up towards the front... that hasn't been settled yet.

For what it's worth, in the top right corner of the map, the Mens room has five sinks and the Womens has seven sinks and lots of mirror.

Academy Two-Three will be the Dealers Room. To give you an idea of scale, the dealers room is 42 ft wide x 104 ft. The light grey area to the left of the dealers room will be Artists' Alley.

The open area marked "Academy Quad" is a big plaza area, lots of concrete and a little bit of grass, a few palm trees.

The dark grey room to the left of that area, marked Producer A-B, will be the Con Suite (Blue Rose Maid Cafe, this year).

Parlors 123, 125, and 127, in no particular order, will be Video, LP3, and Costume Repair Station. Parlor 129 and 131, in no particular order, will be Live Program Check-in, and the prep room for the Con Suite.

The black line running around the top and side of the drawing represents the edge of the sidewalk, i.e., the curb.

The open space to the left of "Executive Boardroom" is where you'll find two elevators up to the East Tower guestrooms. That's where you're probably sleeping, if you're staying on site.

Any questions?

Oh, the "happy ballrooms" - Jubilee, Festival, Gala, Celebration- over near the hotel's front lobby will be used by some other group. (This is why we're trying to make our own comfy "lobby" area in the convention center.) And the Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank and Hollywood rooms are being remodeled out of existence...

To get to the new McDonalds/Panda Express/Del Taco/Dennys/Starbucks that they're building across the street, go out the top left corner of the drawing and cross at the stoplight.

09-23-2007, 01:25 AM
The space looks amazing, I can't wait!

Pretty Sammy
09-23-2007, 11:04 AM
Yaaaay!!! :D

I'm so exciiitteed! I'm glad we have an actual convention center space this year!!! ALA is getting bigger!

Hazel Chaz
09-25-2007, 02:53 AM
The space looks amazing, I can't wait!

It's very nice. You're going to like it. I wish we could have moved here a year or two ago. You can stop in front of an artist and not block traffic... You can stop in front of a dealer and not block traffic... and it's a classy joint all the way around. (And fast food right across the street: w00t.)

I'm so exciiitteed! I'm glad we have an actual convention center space this year!!! ALA is getting bigger!

The convention center space is actually owned by the Marriott, which means that the buildings are very close together. (Closer together than the distance from the Hyatt to the LBCC at AX this year.)

Incidentally, can anyone loan us a beanbag chair? (Or two or three?) Can you bring them to the convention and take them home?

(Don't bring anything irreplaceable. We'll make good on any damage or loss, but if your grandma made it and it's been in the family for generations, maybe it should stay home.)

We'll have some kind of thank-you -- maybe a ribbon that says "Comfy Chair"? And you'll know you helped to make the convention center a niftier place to hang out. Better than the hotel lobby, even.

Mr. Postman
09-25-2007, 08:50 PM
Any chance that the hotel would permit you (and that you'd have the time) to take some recon photos of the place?