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10-01-2007, 10:17 PM
I post this question to the Denver/Colorado community- Would anyone like to make a Hellsing skit for next NDK? I've posted a similar thread in the DCCS forums, as well. I'm making my Blood Seras cosplay, and the more I work on it, the more I wanna do a skit with it. But, sadly, I am lacking in the skit ideas area, and I don't want to do a skit alone. The only thing I have come up with (so far) is a choreographed fight of Seras protecting Integra from Anderson/Walter/somebody, and Alucard steps in and finishes the fight, when she isn't doing so well. To some cool music, of course. Would anybody be interested in helping me out?

Colorado residents only, please. Nothing against other people, I just figure it'll be easier for us to get together and rehearse if we all live decently close to one another. I live in Fairplay, and it just makes more sense if we all only have a max commute of three hours, tops.

10-24-2007, 09:26 PM
Well, after giving it lots of thought, and discussing things with my Alucard, here's what we've come up with;

The music will be from E Nomine (of course!), though we've yet to settle upon a precise song. The characters we definitely need are;

Alucard (Taken)
Blood Seras (Myself)
Integra (Needed)
Anderson (Possibly taken, up for change?)
Yumie (Can be changed, but preferred)
Heinkel (Can be changed, but preferred)

Here's a general outlay of the skit. It's based upon the moment Seras saves Integra from Iscariot's "protection", and Alucard returns to England.

As the music slowly begins, Integra walks to center stage, where a black-cowled figure crouches down low to allow Integra to be seen, and is effectively "invisible". Integra cooly lights a cigar, taking a puff.

As the music begins to pick up it's beat, Heinkel, Yumie, and Anderson all begin to close in on Integra from various sides. Heinkel from the left, Yumie from the right, and Anderson doing his usual pose from behind.

Just as they close in on her, the cowled figure stands and throws off her cloak- Blood Seras glares left and right respectively, making the Iscariot agents back off in surprise. She circles Intergra once, bares her fangs at Heinkel and Yumie, then bows respectfully to Integra, and motions her back. (Anderson slips off to one side, out of sight.)

As Seras debates which to deal with first, Heinkel shoots at her. Amused, Seras stalks over to Heinkel, ignoring the shots. (Yumie stalks up from behind) Seras knocks the gun out of Heinkel's grasp, then wags a finger chidingly. At that moment, Yumie swings her sword at Seras from behind. Seras ducks, then backhands Yumie across the face, driving the nun away.

Turning to face Yumie as she recovers, Seras dodges some sword strokes, and as one slash comes down, she stomps on the sword, then punches Yumie, knocking her out of the fight. Heinkel has recovered and runs up to her, shooting, but Seras merely grabs her by the throat, and tosses her aside.

As she makes to finish off Yumie, Anderson comes in from that side, making Seras back off slowly. They come to a stop, and look away from the audience in shock as Alucard enters from rear center stage. (Cloak trick again?) He kneels to Integra, who makes her gesture of "Slaughter them all." Then he stands to face Anderson. Seras approaches nervously from behind, and Alucard turns to her, making her flinch. But then he pats her proudly on the head. Meanwhile, Anderson attacks from behind, and Alucard points his Jackal at the priest without looking at him.

Alucard and Anderson battle it out, Seras ushers Integra off to the side. (Maybe some more side-fighting with Heinkel and Yumie.) The fight finishes in Alucard's favor. Integra assumes center stage, Alucard and Seras on either side, and at the final note of the song, Integra makes a grand "Go forth!" gesture, and the two vampies strike whatever poses they want from beside her.

Now, this is only loosely based on manga volumes 7 and 8, veeery loosely. And, I'm actually very confident about being able to fit this all into 2 minutes. It's just a matter of choreographing it right.

Again, I'm looking for individuals who are willing to meet for rehearsals, and live close enough that it won't be a bother to them, so Colorado people only, please.

Now, as far as certain aspects go, the Iscariot characters and other parts of the skit are totally up for discussion. (I'd love some feedback and ideas for improvement.) Iscariot was simply the most likely enemy to give both Alucard and Seras an enemy to fight, and sets up the whole scene nicely. I look forward to hearing from those who are interested!

11-20-2007, 02:11 AM
You think its ok to join your skit even I'm joining the costume contest...........................:lost: :lost: :lost:

11-20-2007, 06:42 AM
Mmm, I don't know if it's allowed. I do know you can be in a skit, and still enter for crafstmanship judging, but I think that's one to run my the head if cosplay over in the NDK forums.