View Full Version : Jingu Bashu-themed night at the Mercury Nov. 20--21+

10-06-2007, 02:51 AM
Hey folks. If you live in the Seattle area check the Mercury community (a local goth club in Seattle) page at LJ, you can read about a special-themed night taking place in November called JINGU BASHI:


There's an ad there on the page. Interesting part is you can "dress in over-the-top goth, with asian flair! Tokyo street fashion, Visual Kei, EGL/EGA, ANIME, COSPLAY, etc."

Merc usually opens about 9pm and closes around 2am or so. More info about the Merc can be found here:


IMPORTANT: It's 5$ to get in IF you're just a guest of someone and not a member (it's a private club and small). Members don't pay. Also it's a 21+ event and place (they serve alcohol), but it'll be a non-smoking event that night. Check around for friends who are members.

It's not really a gathering but they DO allow photo taking in the club. You just hang out, chat, drink and dance there.

Maybe see you there?