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Evil Kimba
10-22-2007, 04:04 PM
You should know what this thread is for.

Okay, so, The Gear Project and part of Boom Presentations almost didn't make it to Oni-con this year. Thanks to our AMAZING friends, we did, though! My car broke a timing belt three miles from Sealy and we were stranded on I-10.

HUGE MASSIVE THANKS to Megumi and Omni for saving us from being stuck and taking us to Oni!

Another huge massive thanks to Tallus Rip for taking me and Danzikumaru home.

All the Bleachers for making things awesome.

Cherry for being fantastic and letting us go as the first skit because of my bad back.

All cosplay staffers for making sure the cosplayers were watered and taken care of.


Everyone else I forgot here. I LOVE you guys so much. <3

VII Fangirl
10-22-2007, 05:38 PM
homg, this con was something else. I've got to thank first off Shoe for being my ride and totally braving the aisles of the Madisonville WalMart and for her patience with my can/can't go week.

Cap'n Skittles, Holesong, Rocieru, and Sly for being awesome roomates. I love you guys.

Jonobi and SchizoIori for being awesome friends when I had a dramu moment.

Cosplay walkon #69 (I can't remember your name ^^;;; ) for enduring my rambling through the entire cosplay contest.

Blu for his patience and getting me the hookup. You know what I mean >D


10-22-2007, 06:48 PM
*snicker* Assuming you mean us (the group of random cosplayers that did the FranDan during the second walk-through) you're welcome. We thought it seemed like a fun thing to do. If not, then yay for other FranDanners. ^.^

I'd like to shoutout to Jonobi and that crowd as well for also being there during a dramu moment, and I'd like to thank my roommates for being amazing and to my friends for never failing to keep me entertained. You know who you are. XD

10-22-2007, 08:10 PM
*snicker* Assuming you mean us (the group of random cosplayers that did the FranDan during the second walk-through) you're welcome. We thought it seemed like a fun thing to do. If not, then yay for other FranDanners. ^.^

I'd like to shoutout to Jonobi and that crowd as well for also being there during a dramu moment, and I'd like to thank my roommates for being amazing and to my friends for never failing to keep me entertained. You know who you are. XD

Yes, you and EternalSerenity joined members of the ACDF in the FranDan craziness.

Big ups to my Villain Gathering friends for baring with our location issues. And a BIG thanks to Kuragiman for helping me out with that.

Everyone with San Japan for helping get the word out about ZDA. Remember kids, November 10th in San Antonio!

All the bleachers that brought out their Rave Fashion gear and making the experiment a success.

Everyone involved on the cosplay staff for proving me wrong. I wanted to be proven wrong, after all.

And most importantly for our crazy ass roomates for making this WTFRANDOMcon.

10-22-2007, 08:29 PM
I thought so. That made me happy. XD Glad it was...erm...appreciated?

10-22-2007, 09:46 PM
homg, this con was something else. I've got to thank first off Shoe for being my ride and totally braving the aisles of the Madisonville WalMart and for her patience with my can/can't go week.

You know I love you. I couldn't have braved Madisonville without you, honey. That place was terrifying.

Shoutouts go to Adam, Kobert, Scott, Bath-Time Master Chief, and Cap'n Skittles because they were like my best friends all weekend. HUGE congrats to boiwonder, Hopie, Hee-Hee, and the rest of their Cowboy Bebop group for winning best skit! I love you all!

I'm sad I had to leave early, but I had so much fun with what little time I was actually there, in spite of my lack of sleep. :3 This was my first out of D/FW con, so it was quite an adventure.

10-22-2007, 11:57 PM
Thanks to all the cosplayers for letting me be your little slave during the cosplay contest I really hope that yall had a great time while I ran around like a chicken cut off because as I said about, oh 10000 times, you are all FABULOUS AND I LUFF YOU!


10-23-2007, 12:08 AM
-To yacchan Vampire Hunter D for Winning 2nd place overall in the cosplay. You really deserved it.

-Also to greyrondo who cosplayed Endrance for that's my dream cosplay and you made the most beautiful Endrance I could ever imagine. I wished you would had at least got some kind of an award for that cosplay because it rocked my socks.

-To all the voice actors and cosplayers I filmed, you all were enjoyable to be around.

-Another big thanks towards Scortia for letting me just talk to her. I was sitting in my seat at the cosplay for ten minutes before working up the courage to talk with her, for I'm a big fan. (Hopefully I didn't seem like a dork...)

-A big thanks to VII Fangirl for talking to me about cosplay, giving me tips, and sharing ideas and such. You really helped me out and you're a great cosplayer altogether!

-And to everyone else who gave me great cosplay advice and ways to improve.

-....Oh! I almost forgot to thank most of the Kingdom Hearts cosplayers I met and hung out with. You guys were so much fun to be around.

10-23-2007, 01:23 AM
Folks at the villain 'shoot- Although I wish there was more people, I thought it was a nice 'shoot! A few setbacks(i.e. finding a location), but overall, it was nicely done.

Folks at the VG 'shoot- I didn't really talk to many people, so I can't say much here. It was a nice 'shoot. Busy location, but still nice. I wish there was more branches ( i.e. the fighting games, but didn't happen D; )

HCS- Yay, finally got to meet some. It was fun. You all are really cool. Just what I like! I wish more showed up, but it was a nice group as is. Oh and Ichi, thanks for the suckers!

Everyone who took pictures- I'm honored to know I was worthy to take pictures of XD. I appreciate the love and admiration of the work I done. And I apologize for any bad outcome of the pictures! I know I'm very unphotogenic.

And for those who I'm specifically aware of...

Kuragiman- I had fun with our little photoshoot. I hadn't done a private one before and it was cool. I didn't get tired and actually was ready for more if you wanted any XD. Can't wait to see the final products.

C.C.- M'dear, you did a fine job taking over the VG 'shoot and helping the villain shoot. You're a really cool person, and it was nice meeting you.

Zappa_slave- Like I said, I wish I caught you as Zappa even though you showed me your costume. It was nice meeting you and running into you a few times!

Catz- Man, I totally forgot that you were going! If I knew and knew who you were, I would've probably been all excited XD. Well, like I said, you were an awesome Faye(and the best I've seen *cough*)...I so wish I got a picture of one D;, but oh well.

Jonos- Not sure if you're a member on here, but oh well. You were the first and only HCS member I met before the gathering. I had fun with our rather long chat and then running into you in the dealer's room XD

My boots- I hate you guys, you really killed my feet. Not to mention, you made my sprained foot worse! Alas, you really set off my costume and got a lot of compliments, so I really can't be that mad at you guys.

That's all I came up with now. If I think of more, I'll come back!

10-23-2007, 02:00 AM
Kuragiman for taking pics of my oh-so-obscure NT3000

Bishonen Nixa for being my Shiki Tohno

THE Jet cosplayer (Texas Jet if I'm not mistaken) for making me feel a lot better after the cosplay show.

The cosplay show audience for freaking out at my laugh, and laughing when my wig fell off. Yeah, that was me. Agito, with the psycho laugh... and my wig fell off.

And a Your Welcome to Catz for fixing her friend's Dhalsim shorts.

10-23-2007, 02:23 AM
Oh, Oh, my turn!

To Kim and Danzig: Thanks for being my 'half way there' ride!

To Megumi and Danny: Thanks for being my 'other half way there' ride! XD

Jenny: Thanks for giving me a full ride back home! =D

To Boom Presentations: I love ya'll, lots, of bunches, of pieces, of plenty, of yeah.

Twinzik and group: Congratulations my darlings, you totally deserved it!

To Yaaaaaami: YEE! I'm SO happy for you! SOOOO happy for you! You completely and totally deserved that 2nd place win, that D is made of epic and win.

Miles, Jon, Cindi, Lauren, Calvin, Joy, Abel-person (YOUR NAME! I CANNOT REMEMBER!), and others from pretty much Dallas: I love you lots. =D

Squiddy: Thanks a bunch for taking Julia pictures for meee.

Theres more but this is already long winded, so anyone I talked to, YAY! =D

10-23-2007, 07:33 AM
Crescent Bunny: You make the world a much brighter place for me and have saved my life.

Catz: You make a fabulous Faye and as always it was fun to hang out! We WUVS YOU!

Brandon: It's always great to see a first time cosplayer get so excited about cosplaying. That's what it's all about! Your Punch and Dhalsim kicked butt!

Jet Texas: My hero! Thanks for saving me from a dull life of staying at home this weekend. Could not have made it to Oni-con without your help!

Sailor Moon Group: You were one of two highlights of my Oni-con experience. You were all wonderful to work with and turned an otherwise very bad day into a good one.

Cowboy Bebop Crew: The second highlight of my Oni-con stay. It was great getting to do a private shoot with all of you and congradulations on winning best Skit. Hope you like the photos!

Ian and Holly: You are what going to cons is all about, hanging out with great friends and laughing at the insanity of it all together. Invading IHOP at 2am with the elf ear brigade was a fond experience too.

Amanda: Once more into the breach we go! See you at the Gardens shoot in November!

All the Cosplayers That Stopped to Take Pictures: Thank you all for letting me do photo work. I found this con very difficult to work at and was extremely frustrated Friday and part of Saturday but eventually it smoothed out thanks to some great Cospalyers.

10-23-2007, 08:43 AM
Kuragiman: Of course love! Anytime you need it. Build up more confidence, your shots from oni con on your website are AMAZING as always.

Jet Texas: Thank you so much for saving our butts at Oni-con sir, I do hope that we were good mates and we can have the chance to stay together again soon ^_^ <3 Luv ya!

Catz and Brandon:Holy shiza, we didn't see one another very much but there was still tons of fun for sure! Dealer Faye was so cute, and Brandon I hope you had a great time, though I expect you did ^_^ And you guys won at the cosplay contest! What a good first con experience!! And you made an AMAZING Dulciem! Come to the next con with us T_T.

Ian and Holly: As always, had an ABSOLUTE blast hanging out with you guys! Ian you had some amazing one liners that shall always be remembered at this con for sure! Hat lady to be specific. Holly I need to play more video games at your house some time XD

Amanda: Also had a blast with you and the crew at the very early morning photoshoot XD I actually got some interesting shots out of the cuffs and gear even though I was only playing around :P

To the Fuu that Jet was talking too at the table when we rolled up: You were perfect, if anyone said anything to put you down don't even think about it twice, I noticed there were quite a few of elitist cosplayers at the con this time around but no one pays attention to their dramu anyway.

To the random kids watching our improve Zell and Squall PG-13 photoshoot: Thanks for the commentary :P

To cosplayers who DIDN'T vandalize our Hotel: Thanks for being mature people and NOT ruining things for us next year.

To Jessie and Theresa: THANK YOU for the random early early morning IHOP run! You two definitely made it completely amazing! So much laughter and jokes and...falling asleep in our food XD And Theresa, I hope my lap was comfy, hahaha XD HOORAY FOR BEING ILLEGAL! :3

10-23-2007, 09:08 AM

To Boom Presentations - I love you guys with a firey passion. Not in the creepy way... In the way that it's friends like you that make going to cons worth the stress/lack of food/sleep.

To RikuStrength (aka the EPIC KH2 Riku) - You're my somebody and I kingdom <3 you.

To Squidy - Thanks for all the wonderful pics, especially being awesome enough to get shots of D after the cosplay show, even though you had plans like... Right then. You're awesome and full of tentacle-y goodness.

To dowxp - The swishy D photos made my day. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome skills, I always love the photos you get of cosplay shows. The stage lights make my heart sing.

To the ACDF - I <3 you guys, even if we didn't get to hang out much. Randomly waiting in line with Kim and Danzig was fun though... "Hey, do you think they're talking to us?" "Huh?" "I can't hear"

To Dirty Chop-Sticks Cosplay - Again, didn't get to hang out much, and didn't get to see the vonderful svedens (sadly ;_;). But yeah... Next con. For sure.

To VII Fangirl - You make such an awesome Roxas! Good luck on the Amano-tastic Jenova! Oh, and how was the christianity pannel? Did you get your epic lulz? XPP

To Kyandi, Megumi and Danny - I miss randomly hanging out with you guys... >.>;; Good seeing you though. Megumi, your Ashe costume is simply beautiful. And Kyandi. Just wow, if there was a level of cuteness above Kawaii, it would be "Kyandii". And Danny, your mad prop skills never cease to amaze me. I know the cosplay you had on at the contest is old now... But wow. Just wow.

There are probably other people that I'm forgetting about... Cause I fail... But yeah...

OH, and I second the shout-out to anyone who didn't wreck the hotel/GRB. Seriously, not cool.

Oni was love,

10-23-2007, 10:51 AM
-Another big thanks towards Scortia for letting me just talk to her. I was sitting in my seat at the cosplay for ten minutes before working up the courage to talk with her, for I'm a big fan. (Hopefully I didn't seem like a dork...)

Haha no not at all... I think more than anything I was just confused since after all these years cosplaying I still seem relatively unknown at cons. :P I don't bite, come talk to me at future cons, k? >P

Lesse... not too many shout outs for me... my Squishypanda - Orgy crew knows who they are and that I love them.

Shout out to the cool Roxas waiting in cosplay with us before line-up. Was fun talking with you... glad to hear that cosplayers are making successful dramatic skits!

To j_buns: Totally gonna break into your place early for Ikki if I can manage it. :P

To the Lelouch and C.C.: THANK YOU FOR DOING GEASS COSPLAY! Texas cosplay is freaking behind in Geass cosplayers. *sniff*

To Wolf-Link: Dude no kidding, your costume came out awesome! *tis the Midna from Saturday*

To Ouran Mitch: for being damned helpful and awesome!

To the Heroes cosplayers: You guys looked SO GOOD. Glad to see our dear Claire had a nice awesome clan to save the world with.

To the cosplay staff: For being so entertaining backstage and actually showing concern for us. :P

To Mario: Cool seeing you again since Ikki! :P Be sure you don't use that star if you plan to run in my direction. ^^

To the cosplay friends I saw once or not at all in passing... BOOOO! Where were you hiding all con!? ;-;

Aaaaaaaaaand I didn't really talk to many new people so blargh.

10-23-2007, 11:16 AM
Let's see, where to begin? I'd like to give a shoutout to my friends for getting me into the con scene in the first place. I've been into anime for as long as I can remember, but they got me to go to my first con back in April, and the rest kinda happened.

Anyone who took a picture of me (whether they uploaded them or not), thank you.

Anyone who gave me a hug, a BIG thank you ^_^

And to the one person who kissed me on the mask, *giggle* that was odd, but cool.

And to anyone I hung out with (randomly), I'll hopefully see you at the next con (Ikki-con, I believe).

But to anyone who caused drama, you shouldn't have kept it up after the con...douches.

10-23-2007, 11:32 AM
Everyones that I luvs knows who dey are~. *hugs teh Squishy Panda!*

Rip - Was fun to see you again, but sucks that you were loaded down with stuff to do. ;o; Hopefully the next con will be less stress for you and we can hang out more~.

Houston-Bike-Cop-What-Liked-Vampire-Hunter-D - You were AWESOME. Period.

Orgy-Walk-On-Group - You guys were much fun to talk to~! Hope to see j00 at future cons. :D

Tahiti - I promise we weren't going to do anything TOO evil to poor Donald in the elevator. >D Oh! And I think I actually parked next to you at a Sonic on our way back home on US-59 North. Wasn't entirely sure, so got kinda shy. But I swear I saw a large Donald-esuque cotton ball in the back of the suv. XD

The-Two-People-What-Recognized-Tenshi ni Narumon-costumes - You were AWESOME also. Period.

Other than that...sorry I'm still a little shy with new people...hope to meet others at future cons. :D

10-23-2007, 12:51 PM
Wooo shoutouts!!
WEll I'd like to start with

BRian and NESSA (cresentbunny)
If you guys hand't gone, I wouldn't of been there.
I luffs you all soooooo much!! *glomps*
I KNow we didn't hang out as much, but if you hand't been there, It would of been lonely with out you both. The times we did hang out are times to treasure and you guys always make me feel soo good. *lots of love*
I hope I make you feel just as good. HUrrah!

Jet_TExas: Thanks for everything. Your always a blast to be around.

Zappa_Slave: THANK YOU x A MILLION! You are our CON ANGEL!
It was wonderful to hang out with ya and hope to do so again at the next con.

Hopie-Chan/[Hee-Hee] Thanks to you both this is the most most memerable con ever. I was so excited when you invited me into your skit, and even more excited when we won!!! woooo!!
Shoutouts to Brandon for being the absolute cuteness and for being such an awsome little bro.
Cassie-chan Your all tooo wonderfull!!! Can't wait till next con!!
theboiwonder It was fun! You make a great Spike.

Aisha (Chun li) You make the purfect Chun Li! For sure let's kick it next con! woooo!! You and Dalshim rocked it Friday night!!

Tara The times we did hang out it was a blast. We need to create rally points next time. *snugs*

La De Das YOur ROCK! Thanks alot for everything!

Everyone else that I'm forgeting, I love you all!
It was absolute funnness!!

and now I'm dead tiered and sore and I must head off to study.


10-23-2007, 01:14 PM
All my Heroes peeps - You all are awesome and a half! I can't wait to see the pictures from our nearly 3 hour photoshoot. XD

Squishy Panda roomies - You know it, but I love y'all so much. I never want to have to room with any other group again. <333

10-23-2007, 01:16 PM
i can has shout outs now?


to j_buns for being my con buddy, and letting me run around while you where stuck at the table.

sara for allowing me to chatter inanly at you sat night even though you where not feeling so awsome

to the members of room 20XD6 on Sat night, you know who you are, maybe. n-e-ways we had fun, and thats what matters. this should become some sort tradition. ill bring apples to apples next time. it will be epic!

to the cosplay contest staff and contestants and audience for makeing my first contest experience a good one. and especially my frandanning crew. i heart you so hard.

to those who participated in the villian gather for putting up with my talkative rediculousness and forced posing. (vg goddess, your boots are still awesome btw!)

to those who showed up for, and got manhandled by me in the V.G. photoshoot. im sorry the real leader didnt show up, and thank you for letting me take it over and boss you around. next time i'll find a better location. ^^

to Madam Amelie for the good times behind your booth, AND to the girl who brought us cookies. they where most awesome.

to squiddy, for takeing pictures of my Hinako for me and for driving me back to my hotel when i, like the incredably intellegent person i am, left part of a costume there. you have now joined the growing ranks of my many shining goddesses of hope and light. you have my permission to force them all to take pictures with your squid.

to the ACDF, for as always, rocking so hard. our group meet ups are the best!

and to anyone else i hung out with or talked to or accosted this weekend, thanks for giving me one more good con to notch into my good con rifle. ^^

10-23-2007, 01:58 PM
Ahem. Here we go!

Catz- Girl, you can dance! =D You really made this convention my favorite, I tell ya. Thank you SO much for helping us out with our skit-- you really are the essence of Faye! And not in the bad attitude way, either! ^_^ I had a lot of fun getting to know you and learning about your past. Seriously, it was so interesting! Oh, and running back and forth from the cosplay contest when we had our little nervous breakdowns was fun. As "bad" as that experience was it's one of my favorite to look upon now! XD I even found a picture from when we were running back to the main room! We're definately going to have to keep hanging out like we do. Perhaps we can even room together soon!

b-RAND (as our skit form named him)- Thanks go out to you, too for being our Punch. It was so last minute yet you did an AMAZING job! You're probably the best Punch I've ever seen. No, y'know what? Erase "probably". You are! :3 I'm so greatful for you and you really are a blast to hang around. I can't wait to see you at another convention, Punchie!

Jet- First off, on formality I thank you for the crackers! ^_^ You're always a joy to talk to and relax with, and I really appreciate you hanging out with our group Saturday to take all of those awesome pictures. The cookies at the poker table were a great touch, too. I know I appreciated it! XD Hope and I can't wait to see you at Ikkicon with our winter versions of Judy and Andy to go with the group, and I hope to talk to you soon!

Shoe- So sorry you had to leave early for work! ^^; Thanks so much for the congratulations, and now I'm really excited to see you at Ikkicon. YOU know why. ^_~

Mitch- A HUGE thanks goes out to you for being the greatest help ever at the cosplay contest. Every time I looked up you were asking people if they needed anything and answering questions. I know we must have run you ragged, but I really appreciated the hard work you put into making sure all of the cosplayers were informed and comfortable. Can't wait for Cosmo and Wanda goodness at Ikki, too!

Kuragiman- You, sir, are a great photographer! It was really nice meeting you at Onicon and I'm sorry that we never met sooner! Thank you so much for taking the time to get some shots of our FFX2 and bebop groups and just sit around and talk for a bit. I hope to see you at many many conventions to come!

Chels- I'm so sorry to hear that so many stressful things happened to you guys on the way to the con! I'm glad that I got to see you, though, and that you got all that you needed finished! Personally I thought the audio was good for ya'lls skit-- I could hear everything and it was freakin' hilarious! The audience reaction was amazing too. I think Mario's a real man as well. ^-~ Your Zelda armor was the SHIZ! ESPECIALLY since you did it so quickly! I know I couldn't do that. Thank you again for letting Hopie use your wig for Judy, and I'm so sad that we didn't get pictures with your knockout Julia! You make one smecksy tease, m'lady! We'll have to wear them all again for another con to get a proper shoot together.

Lily- Heath says hello, Landon. ^^ You were so cute in your big ol' pink dress, I flipped. Also your Lu (is that the name?) cosplay is seriously my favorite ever. I still want that hat. X3 I'm glad we got to talk some, and I still get the giggles over your "NOT THE CHICKENZ!!" from time to time. You guys did a great job!

Whitney- Thanks for showin' us to the parking garage on Friday, my dear! It was really sweet for you to go all the way out with us, and chattin' with ya really got my mind off of the drama that was going on at the time. ^^ You're such a deary, and your contest outfit was WHOA!EPIC! That poor tree, though. X3 Sunday was fun walkin' about with you too-- and remember; Auntie Hee-Hee loves you!

Remy- MARIO! Rave master man. X3 So glad we got to hang out with you again! It was even better than the first time~ Can't wait to see your Fire Mario and hopefully I'll get to come up and hang out with you some time, since we live so close!

Monica- Thanks again for offering to give Hope and Cassie rides, even though neither ended up taking that up. XD That dolfie was so.. cute and creepy at the same time! X3 Lovely hurrz, though. It was fun running from stalkers with you and drankin' sum cawfee. =] Now we gotta get goin' on REAL MAN CON! XDDD

Jon and Cindy- Hugs! ^^ Sorry that I didn't get to see you two as much as I would have liked, but I shall try and correct that at the next convention, alright? =D I lahff you!!

Miles- I only saw YOU like, twice. :3 Though I'm glad you got to make it, and I hope ya had fun. That Heath beard was frikken awesome, too. XD Yes, I know that's not what it actually was, but it's what it reminded me of and thus made me happy. So there. ^___^

Yami- Girl, congrats on your award! You really worked it on stage, and your outfit was MORE than amazing!!

Lauren- Lovely ma'am! I saw you very little and that made me sad. I hope you had a great time, though! Hope and I tried to find you in our Junko outfits to prove that we actually did it, but alas-- we couldn't find ya! Hopefully we'll find a picture or somethin' online.

Amaya- You did a great job helping out with the contest, and you were a RUVRY RORITA! :3 I always flip over your great outfits, and this time was no exception. Glad we got to talk a little bit here and there over the weekend, darlin'!

Cherry- -CLAPS!- Great job with everything this year, hun! You did an amazing job and I haven't heard one single negative comment about everything! We all know that you worked so hard, and it really showed! Hope you had a good time and didn't wear out too much. Steven told me that you got a bit of sleep even though you weren't planning on it, and that's a good thing! I didn't get to make the fashion show, but I hope you guys rounded up more than the 16 people I heard about. X3 Your lolita for the contest was FREAKIN' adorable, too! I wanted tah squeeze ya.

Split.Image- I love my twinnies! Well, my OTHER twins, anyway. =3 You guys were great guests, and I'm glad things got figured out with your room situation. So sorry we didn't get to have our twin night, but we will one of these days! I know you guys were busy, and it's completely alright. ^^ I just missed you two, so it was GREAT tah see ya!

Cosplay staff/judges- The cosplay contest this year was by FAR my favorite of any convention I've gone to. The help was wonderful, the process went smoothly, and waiting for judging wasn't a horrible long wait since you all let us pass through the stage two or so times. ^^ Really kept us all occupied, and I'm greatful for that! Not to mention I'm such a fan of Jace and Bill, so getting to see them at the contest was wicked awesome. Gren was beauuuutiful, too!! And Spacey's outfit was fantastic. First time I've gotten to see it in person and I was drooling. :3 So props to an awesome staff and judges panel; you guys rock!!

Random Andy fans- There were a few people who actually knew who I was even when I wasn't walking around with the Bebop group, and it made my day! So hi to the cute girl behind the booth near the cosplay desk and the girl who I belieeeve is named Maria? ^^; She gave me a card but I can't find it. While I'm not that big a fan of the glomping (one girl seriously hurt my ribcage and then laughed when I told her that I couldn't breathe), it was still a flattering gesture. In some.. odd way. =3

dowxp- Thanks for taking the AMAZING pictures of the cosplay contest! You caught so many people in great poses, and it really made our day to see them and remember all the participants! I'm going to echo Yami and say that the photos of her D were ESPECIALLY awesome. Great job!

Twinzik group- Thank you so much for your hard work, guys. I know that Saturday was hectic with practicing in the hallway and making sure we made it to certain places on time, but I'm so thankful for all the effort everyone put into our skit and their costumes. It really made Onicon great, and I had such an amazing time.

WOW, that was long! ^^ Love you all!


President Kyo
10-23-2007, 04:51 PM
To Piro

Dude some how you helped me out in ways i cant even say. you really gave me that push i needed at the cosplay and comforted me after. It may not have seemed like it but to me oni-con was a hell.

Thanks to everyone in the main lobby of the George R Brown for not calling the cops on me during my big outburst of anger and display of lack of self control, as i said earlier my weekend had been hell.

And a big thanks to the announcers at Cosplay, you both where wonderful and made me smile behind my mask

10-23-2007, 07:42 PM
ACDF proves: No one can hear anything. Ever. We also prove that the greatest villain of all is a "cosplayer" in Italy. She trumps them all.

To anyone that I could only speak to for fleeting moments: This convention put me everyfuckingwhere at once. Not even kidding. So props to everyone who put up with our randomness.

10-23-2007, 10:03 PM
Bleachers and ACDFers
<3 4 U

10-23-2007, 10:25 PM
Becky - First and foremost, I gotta thank you for sewing my kimono, coming up with the idea to make kimonos in the first place, and letting me drag you to Oni-con as my Hachi. Here's to being real life roommies! ^_^

Ian and Sarah (cubic_u) – I’m going to refer to us as the “Friendly Jo Mai Trio” now. XD Y’all were the best con/cosplay buddies in the world. I had so much fun this weekend, and I’m glad y’all enjoyed the concert.

Michael, Steve, Claire, and Myra (Marius) - Thanks for coming along as well. I know I was running around everywhere and trying to drag y'all places, but I hope y'all had fun. Myra, I wish I could've gotten a picture of your Iori cosplay. You were hot!

Cherry, Amaya, Beansalad, and the rest of the cosplay staff - Y'all rock my world. I was so glad there was a very visible cosplay registration table because in the past, I've missed out on sign-ups due to not knowing where registration was. The fashion show was a cool idea, and I hope y'all do that again next year. Btw, Becky wants her pen back, Mitch (not really, but that was the message she sent me to the HCS meet-up). :p

JennyBunny and uchiha – I’m glad I got to see y’all again. I wish I didn’t have to go before the cosplay contest started. Y’all always have amazing costumes.

Houston Cosplay Scouts – The meet-up was a ton of fun. vg_goddess02, it was your Ino cosplay that I first recognized. ^^ Thanks for the suckers, Ichi! Hopefully I’ll see everybody at the zoo this weekend.

the fashion show kimono gang – Hooray for all traditional/traditional+something else entrants. All y’all did an excellent job with the kimonos, and I enjoyed hanging out with y’all backstage.

all the other awesome cosplayers – Photos will be up some time this week when I’m done catching up on work. I’m sorry if I didn’t get your picture. There were a lot of awesome cosplays.

10-23-2007, 11:18 PM
Cherry & Gren: You guys made such fantastic cosplay announcers, and the show was by far the best I had ever attended. ^_^ Thank you SO much for making my first cosplay competition to enter such a wonderful and unforgettable experience!

Pharaoh: Thank you for awarding my costume. ^_^; I dunno if you noticed but I didn't take off my medal until I got home from the con. =_=;; *going to hang it up on her wall* @_@; Thank you so much!

Jace, Colt, DaiTenshi (aha... I hope that's close =_=;): You guys are always such fantastic room buddies. <3 I wuv ya'll. Thanks for dragging me along this year. :DDD PANCAKES & WAFFLES <3 <3 <3

To everyone who commented on my Megaman costume and congratulated me, thank you SO much. <3 Everyone's kindness made me so very happy, I never expected the reaction I received when I wore this costume for the very first time at a con. I was so nervous to enter the contest with my stage fright, but all of those who were there with me made it such a great time.

To the ONE other Megaman cosplayer (Shuryou) I met this weekend, YOU ROCK. Much luv to you. :D

The Mario cosplayer I talked to a few times, you're great. ^_^ I hope to see you again! Also, to the Chrono cosplayer I talked to often (I dunno if you recognized me in my Megaman costume... but I cosplayed the red-headed Luke at the Masquerade Ball on Friday), you were also fun. ^_^ Thanks for the great conversations!

See ya'll next year hopefully!

10-23-2007, 11:24 PM
hello from Colorado!

Shoutouts to..

Whoever organized the Video Game room: it was AWESOME. I've never spent so much time in a convention game room before.

Reborn! Kids: who I kept running into and never got to hang out with. Nice to see some love for the lesser-known Jump mangas. You guys were the only people who recognized me as Gokudera! I hope I can find you on this site, mr. Hibari cosplayer kid! :O

Staffers I got to meet: Thanks for making me, Einlanzer and co. feel right at home in Texas. you people are nuts. LOVE <3!


10-24-2007, 06:05 PM
HUGE THANKS to the cosplay staff for taking care of us.

FFVII Fangirl-- it was awesome talking to you on Friday. I look forward to seeing your .hack group and your Amano Jenova!

Digital Dimension Cosplay-- Thank you so much for talking to me (and for indirectly getting me over my gaming-room issues ^_^) I really hope I'll be able to attend Ikki!