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10-24-2007, 10:38 AM
I decided to do a test drive and I'm really glad I did. Because the directions Mapquest gives are good, but some extra additional notes I took while driving should help tremendously. Because the way to get to con was confusing to me at times. I also took note as to the hotel and its location and what's around it so you can prepare just before con.

Keep in mind these directions can also work if you're coming from Marysville or Napa because eventually you merge onto the I-80 W highway.

1. Merge onto I-80 W toward San Francisco
2. I-80 W becomes US-101 S. (this is when you go all the way through SF, over the Bay Bridge and you keep following 101 towards San Jose.)
3. Take the 3rd Ave Exit. (donít confuse 3rd Ave with 3rd St exit for Cow Palace. Just keep going 101 S towards San Jose past the San Bruno and Millbrae exits. Before you hit the 3rd Ave Exit youíll be passing by some hotels on the left side, a few of which are the Hyatt Hotel and the Crowne Plaza Hotel.)
4. Take the 3rd Ave WEST ramp. (the west ramp comes REALLY quick and itís a SHARP TURN so make sure you slow down.)
5. KEEP LEFT at the fork to go on E 3rd Ave (I didnít think this instruction was THAT clear. Basically when you take the 3rd Ave West Ramp, it TURNS INTO E 3rd Ave, so basically just keep to the left lanes but donít turn left on anything until you get to S Grant St.)
6. Turn LEFT onto S Grant St. (this isnít a major street. Itís going to be a side street, so it can be easy to miss. However itís an exact left at the Metropolitan Apartments.)
7. Turn LEFT onto Concar Dr. (okay your going to pass A LOT of residential so go ALL THE WAY DOWN until you hit a major busy street. And actually the left on Concar has the Mariott on the left side of the turn.)
8. Turn LEFT onto S Amphlett Blvd (basically Concar takes you downt o Amphlett and its not a left turn, but a turn that rounds out and it leads you to the main entrance of the hotel on the left side.)

Location Notes:

I drove around and compared to the location that Yaoi Con used to be at, this new location doesnít have as many accommodations as the last location. The only real place you can buy food and gas of any kind is when you take Concar Dr (that you turn left on to get to the hotel) the opposite direction and youíll run into a 7/11 and Rite Aid on the left side. And if you go down a bit further youíll find a Shell Gas Station on the right side. The 7/11 and Rite Aid however are pretty much in walking distance so you might not have to drive to them. And thatís about it folks. There is NOTHING in this area, a down side to the con being at this new location. Another downside is, the area around the hotel is bombarded with residential apartments and office buildings so for photography and photo shoots, not a whole ton of places to go to get some real good shots like at the older location. One other downside that comes with very nice hotels is the parking price. Its 14 bucks a dayÖso if youíre staying for the entire weekend, thatís 43 bucks just for parking. UghÖ.lameÖ.however the guest room cards that you get, gives you access to the parking lot without having to deal with tickets or anything. So thereís no extra charge or what have you for leaving re-entering the parking lot.

However, some upsides to the hotel, its VERY NICE hotel. Pretty big and roomy and plenty of places to walk and it has fitness rooms and a nice pool too; outside but its probably heated. So bring a swim suit! I donít know what its like inside the rooms, but I bet yah theyíre pretty damn nice for the price. Lol they BETTER BE! Well I guess thatís about it folks, for the notes I took on checking out the place for a test drive.

Leaving Con:

If you want to get back onto the highway the way you came in, just go backwards all the way but DONíT TAKE 3rd Ave St again because its one way. Just instead turn right on 4th Ave, just before 3rd and you get direct access to the highway back to SF and then towards Sacramento.

Well I hope that helps you better. I know it helped me since I drove it myself.

10-24-2007, 04:42 PM
I admire what you have done but being raised in this town has given me a higher knowledge of directions than mapquest, google maps and yahoo maps. ^^;;

Here's a better route that's more faster and easier to use.

For those of you coming from the Sacramento Valley Area, includes Yuba City area, El Dorado Hills, East Bay and so forth. Take Highway 80 towards San Francisco and merge onto 880 Southbound to San Jose.

Merge onto Highway 92 to the San Mateo Bridge (Eastbound) and exit off of Deleware Ave, turn right at the stop lights and continue forward until you see the San Mateo Marriott, which will be on your left, you can't miss it!

As the joke between myself, Mr. Wendell and Jason Ebner made about this.

"Get off at Deleware, turn right, and go straight to Yaoi-Con!"


and sadly it's so true! XD

10-25-2007, 02:51 AM
I agree, it's much easier to take the 880S to the 92. You get there in a flash with minimal in-city navigation. :3

10-25-2007, 11:31 AM
lol i guess. i pass deleware street from the directions mapquest gave so its not really that greater of a distance.