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10-27-2007, 09:26 PM
Im wondering if there are any storage rooms or anything to keep our blags/props until we need them?

some people (like myself) are going to be cosplaying more than one character a day and carrying costumes and props in a bag is a hassle.

please let me know~

10-27-2007, 09:56 PM
Hi there!

I guess the first thing I should ask you is whether you are getting a hotel room at the convention. Although you would have to pay money for this, obviously, it is your best bet for the safest storage of your belongings.

I am not aware of any convention space being set aside for storage rooms, probably because of liability purposes (we/they don't want anything happening to your stuff!). The hotel will more than likely not allow you to use their hold room (usually for patron luggage) if you are not a patron, unfortunately. However, you are more than welcome to call the hotel and ask... yet don't be disappointed if such a thing is not offered.

Another idea would be to check if any of your friends 'are' staying in the hotel, and would be willing to store some of your stuff in their hotel room.

But again, your best bet would be to have a hotel room for yourself, especially if you're bringing all that stuff. The entire convention is held within the LAX Hilton. You don't have to worry about walking to a convention center or multiple buildings in-between (i.e. Anime Expo, Fanime, etc.).

10-28-2007, 09:48 AM
thanks for the info!
well im not staying at the hotel but i can ask my friends if i can leave my stuff in their rooms.

thanks for being so helpful~

10-28-2007, 07:40 PM
No worries at all! Hopefully you will be able to find someplace to store your stuff ^_^