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10-29-2007, 12:16 PM
Well, this is slightly off-topic, but I feel that it's interesting for me to share... as it might amuse or shock any of you... but for those who did receive a cryptic message from me, this will explain a lot. I am safe, the car is running fine... thankfully, and we were not stranded between Kings County and Fresno.

Yesterday, I was leaving from SF from Yaoi-Con. I had planned to leave early so that I had more time on Monday. However, my friend, which I ran into, needed a ride to return on Sunday. He was going to be ready to leave after closing ceremonies. So I hanged around with a bunch of people, ultimately being rushed into an Aang costume by a Zuko that I met at Anime Expo. The Zuko, her friends and I hung around much later than I intended, making my departure from Yaoi-con to be at around 8:30.

Because gas was expensive, I did not fully gas up. I ended stopping twice for gas, in hopes to look for cheaper gas. That delayed us slightly... enough for something weird to happen.

Around midnight, while traveling Southbound on the 5 at around 75 mph, I was driving the fast lane following the flow of traffic. And all the sudden, an animal ran out from center median and 2 seconds later, I ran it over. Our reactions was, "What... poopie!" and "What the... F!"

We immediately pulled over at the next exit - about 2 miles where I hit the animal. We pulled into a Valero station at the 269 exit, and examined the car. It banged up the front fender pretty good. You could see the impact damage and outline of the animal in the fender. Plus the blood, fur, and unknown animal body parts that clinged to the car.

I contacted CHP, my insurance company, and AAA. We found out from CHP it was a coyote I ran over and it was quite dead. CHP took the report, and the strangest thing that was asked of my friend was whether I had breaked before seeing the animal -- it's midnight, and he's asking whether I saw the animal before I hit it...

We were uncertain whether the car was safe to drive... there were no apparent leaks, but we wanted to make certain. We waited for AAA, while I called the insurance company. The insurance company had asked me a bunch of questions for their claims processing -- the oddest which I found amusing was, "Was there any non-property damage not related to the car?" I jokingly answered, "The coyote?"

I had called my aunt who was my lifeline to my parents who were in Taiwan, and her first reaction was to tell me to pray for the death of the coyote. She is a devout Buddhist, and I did what I was told, and she told me to pray for the coyote and that she would call me back. Her reaction was much different from what my parents would ask, like where the hell was I at this late of an hour, and whether I could drive the car.

When AAA finally came, the guy discovered that there was blood and hair underneath the car. He was able to pull the fender out, and zip tie everything temporary back into relative place. The process of the reporing and getting AAA out took about an hour and half. It was much later that he realized his car was somewhere else, and we got lost driving to the somewhere else... due to my GPS failing since I didn't realize my USB hard drive was causing interference.

Not much happened on the way back after hitting the coyote, other than gasing up fully in Bakersfield for cheap - 3.07ish and getting some food. I texted a bunch of friends on what happened -- some of them called back, since my friend texted, "I just ran over a coyote. My car pwned it." I made it to his house at around 7 in Anaheim, then made it to class at 8... after exiting an offramp that was closed that I didn't know was closed. (Also miraculously drove off the payment into a ditch of the closed offramp and got back on with no problems apparently too.)

So that is my con return trip home story. Presumably my friend also made to class in time.

On the positive note, the insurance company called me and told me that I'm fully covered as this was like environmental / collateral damage.

10-30-2007, 03:02 AM
This sounds like an entry for LJ or a blog, and not so much for a forum.

11-05-2007, 12:24 AM
Yeah, but it was funny. XD *lol'ed*