View Full Version : Angelic Layer Cosplay for Anime Boston

09-06-2002, 07:09 PM
Hello! Anime Boston looks like it'll be huge, so the cosplay will be
fierce. My sister and I are planning an Angelic Layer cosplay group.
We need one more angel, and two deuses. The angel can be anyone you
want to be.
If you want to be a deus, you'll be the deus of one of the angels.
One person needs to be Sai, Shira-hime's deus, and one needs to be
Blanche's deus.

This is not a group for beginners; We need fairly experienced people.
If you want to be the angel, here are the requirements:

-You need to know how to do basic kicks, punches and blocks. we'll
teach you harder ones if you don't know them.
-You must be able to do stage fighting, or able to learn.
-You need to make your OWN costume.
-It's not manditory, but if you can do a walkover or handspring, we
will love you forever.

Not to mention, the higher you can kick, the better.

If you want to be a deus, here's the requirements:

-For Sai, please make your costume as acurate as possible.
-For Blanche's deus, we'd prefer if you didn't have to wear a wig. If
you don't have long hair, though, it's ok.
-You must be able to time your movements to a beat.
-You have to make your own costume.

All costumes of deuses should be accurate. For the angel spot, GLAM.
The angels will all be much more sparkly than the character designs.

If you'd like to be part of this, please respond to this post, or
simply e-mail (irisuuhime@aol.com) me.

Thanks for your time!


PS. No guys, unless you can work with blue pleather. (Wizzard is the
only male angel.)

PPS. If you've already made an Angelic Layer costume....*glomp* join us!