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12-02-2007, 11:51 PM
All right, I and the rest of my friends goes to Kentridge High School, in Kent. We are planning to do a musical Bleach skit:
for the Sakura-Con. I've completely translated the music, fitting English to sound perfectly with the Japanese beat. If anyone is going to the Sakura-Con as a Bleach character and sings nicely (or not nicely it doesn't matter, because we're going to prerecord it), please contact me at Sagacchi_chick@hotmail.com

Here are the translations, sing along with the song! Note: I've editted it because of the time-limit. Byakuya's singing part is divided into Tosen and Soifon's parts, as is Abarai and Hisagi, and Kira and Momo. I've replaced ikkaku with Urahara and Yoruichi because I like them better than baldy, and I completely took out Zaraki, Momo, Aizen, and Rangiku's parts due to the time limit. Instead, Momo and Aizen are singing with Kira and Toshirou. Any comments? (Please don't steal this...that'd be awful mean if you do)

Drifting with the arid breeze, no sign of existence.
Soundlessly approaching as of behind
Swords attached to shining blades like fire arrows through the night
Calculating every Death ruthlessly
Dear unsightly stray and bodiless souls
Do you need our help, guidance to the nothingness of time?
All of us, the thirteen court guard squads
This is the other side of you, another Earth

Byakuya Kuchiki
Lowly commoners can never start to understand
Pride to be born under the title of nobility

Kaname Tōsen
The high ambitions
Laws are indeed the signposts to the road of tomorrow

To protect my pure blooded family honor and peace
My fate is simply to be willing to do anything

Renji Abarai
There’s an annoying guy I just really want to defeat
If I’m not strong, there’s no reason for me to exist

Shūhei Hisagi & Renji Abarai
I’ll be completely useless!

Shūhei Hisagi
I’m never going to be a slave of this world, bet your life on that.
Just run full speed forward on instinct and luck

Shūhei Hisagi & Renji Abarai
Or at least until you crash and burn and die

Gin Ichimaru
Won’t somebody come play with me the game of Death?
I’m dying from boredom
I can’t help but think mischief

Butterfly, oh butterflies want me to tell you where you can find honey?
Sweet honey or bitter nectar?
Go ahead and choose whichever side you like

Izuru Kira
Trembling kneecaps hidden inside my Hakama
My destiny intertwined with you and also along with my Wabisuke

Momo Hinamori & Izuru Kira
Loyalty is my only real power
Anywhere where you are anytime at all I’ll be there

Izuru Kira
My road goes down a highway made of silver

Shihouin Yoruichi
From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet
Strip off all of those useless emotions

Kisuke Urahara & Shihouin Yoruichi
You need to feel the moment and engrave it into your skin

Kisuke Urahara
Make up your mind and now never look back or regret
Feel grateful, I’ll show you the Urahara way

Sosuke Aizen
All I have to do is chase away the binding fog
Before the scene before me clouds away into the abyss

Tōshirō Hitsugaya
No matter where I am, I’ll find out the truth, so go ahead!
I fight to protect the one I love, but she doesn’t know
So even if I die, I’ll get to the bottom of this!

Listen up now! The darkness piercing screaming of Hallows
Flutter elegantly, the dancing of the shadows
Even the darkness pales, a hell-butterfly
The shredded ripped wings loses its outline
And then it instantly gracefully accepts Death
Dear homeless souls twisted with loneliness
Want some help to the guide to your end?

All of us, the thirteen court guard squads
This is the other side of you, another Earth

Abarai Renji puts away his sword and walks toward the front of the stage while the others remain immobile in their poses.
Renji: Heck yeah! Nailed it!
With his words, every one relaxes out of their stances. Tōsen stretches his arms above his head, and then proceeds to take out his wallet.
Tōsen: Great job everyone! Pocky’s on…
Tōsen looks inside his wallet, stops his words, and looks up with a dismayed expression and locks eyes with Aizen standing next to him. He pockets his wallet slowly, and then waves his hands dramatically in Aizen Zaraki’s direction.
Tōsen: Aizen-San!
Everyone whoops and applauds as Aizen slowly turns his head toward Tōsen. Tōsen runs offstage.
Aizen: Wait, what?!
Aizen chases Tōsen offstage. Hitsugaya walks across the stage with his hands tucked into his sleeves. After walking a decent distance, he turns and faces Ichimaru back with a nasty glare.
Hitsugaya: What I don’t get is why I we have to sing with Ichimaru.
Ichimaru turns only his head, sending a cynical look at Hitsugaya behind him.
Ichimaru: …Hmm? I don’t see why not
Ichimaru turns around and walks toward Hinamori and stokes her hair mockingly at Hitsugaya.
Ichimaru: Your beloved Hinamori-Chan seems fine to me.
Hitsugaya runs a few steps toward Ichimaru, stops, and gets into a fighting stance. He puts a hand on the hilt of his sword.
Hitsugaya: ICHIMARU YOU—
Urahara steps between the two and taps Hitsugaya’s chest with his cane.
Urahara: Hitsugaya-Kun, mature adults don’t pick fights.
Ichimaru: Yes, but Urahara -San your dancing was a little…
Urahara turns around slowly, looking at Ichimaru peacefully. He takes a few slow and deliberate steps toward him, carefully removes his hat, crushing it in his fists, and then his pace speeds up menacingly.
Hitsugaya: Urahara. Be mature.
Urahara stops in his tracks realizing his childishness and puts his hat back on with a huff, then stomps offstage on Ichimaru’s side, purposely bumping into him in his leave. Ichimaru dusts off where Urahara touched him. Everyone, frozen from the sudden tension, stares uneasily at each other. Yoruichi forcefully tries to lighten the mood.
Yoruichi: Come on, lighten up! We each got to sing!
Nearly everyone nods and answers awkwardly, thankful for the diversion.
Kira: Uh-huh, and that’s why it took so long to end.
Kira looks sideways at the ceiling, as if talking to himself. Hinamori runs down to Kira, grabs his shoulders and shakes him forcefully.
Hinamori: Kira-Kun, stop sweating the small stuff! That’s why you’ll never be a big man. Right Shiro-Chan?
Hinamori lets go of Kira. Kira stands completely still wide eyes. Hitsugaya crosses his hands and looks at Hinamori pointedly.
Hitsugaya: Are you picking a fight with me Hinamori? So what if I’m small! Edward Elric is too!!
With that unneeded comment, Hitsugaya runs offstage. Hinamori covers her mouth with her hands.
Hinamori: Shiro-Chan!!
Chasing after Hitsugaya, Hinamori leaves offstage. Kira, breaking from his trance, drops to his knees.
Kira: Captain Ichimaru…Hinamori said…Hinamori said…
Kira bursts into tears. Ichimaru saunters toward Kira and addresses toward the audience.
Ichimaru: Everyone, stop-bullying Izuru too much please?
Shuhei: Uh, yeah, while you two do your yaoi thing…I think I’ll just…go.
Shuhei shakes his head and jogs off stage. Kira and Ichimaru raise their heads in Shuhei’s departed direction.
Kira: Hah?
Yoruichi: Me too~
Soifon: Ah, Yoruichi-Samaaaaa...
Yoruichi gracefully does a cartwheel and a few gymnastics as she departs. Soifon hastily follows after her. Renji tails the leaving characters one by one shortly, as if telling them not to leave, and sighs heavily as Soifon and Yoruichi leaves. Ichimaru turns his body toward Renji, but stares at the remaining Kuchiki Byakuya. Byakuya glares back.
Ichimaru: Hmmm… Abarai-Kun
Renji turns around as Kira slowly stands.
Renji: Yes, sir?
Ichimaru takes his eyes off of Byakuya and connects gazes with Renji, his eyes slightly worried.
Ichimaru: …do something about your captain; I don’t think he likes me.
Renji turns to stare at his captain, wondering what to do. Shortly after he returns his gaze to Ichimaru.
Renji: ...I’m sorry but that’s sort of…I can’t!
Ichimaru: …Well then, come along Izuru.
Without waiting for an answer, Ichimaru leaves offstage.
Kira: Uh, yes sir!
Kira runs shortly after Ichimaru. Renji stares at the remaining captain, looking at him as if he’s a dog that could bite.
Byakuya: …Abarai!
Renji: Kyaaaa!!
Not expecting Byakuya to talk, Renji cowers on the floor. Byakuya impassively watches Renji pathetically, and then walks offstage.
Byakuya: …I’m going after Kenpachi for my pocky.
Renji raises his head, jumps up, and then dusts his clothes off as if embarrassed.
Renji: Oh, yeah, I mean…yes, sir…
With a loud cry, Kira appears on stage, shirtless, runs across the stage and disappears once again.
Renji whips his head around trying to see what the audience is screaming about a moment too late, sends the crowd a hesitant look and chases after Kira offstage.

12-04-2007, 10:37 PM
All right. I can't believe I'm asking this, but who do you need to fill? What characters do you have already? You didn't mention it in the opening post.

I personally have both a Soi Fong costume and a Gin costume (and I absolutely adore Gin's part in this song). I also know a Tousen cosplayer that I could probably talk into this.

12-05-2007, 09:10 AM
Oh...right. I forgot about the openings. I'll post it in a couple of days because I gave my friends a few days to think about what character they want to cosplay. I personally am walking a thin line between Hinamori and Gin. Hinamori because she's just that adorable and I feel sorry for her and Gin because he's freaking funny in Japanese and I also love his singing part!! On the hypocritical side, Gin's one of the men that caused Hinamori pain and all...

12-05-2007, 11:32 AM
Alos, one ofther thought, have you posted this to the forums on the Sakura-con website? You might find a few more takers there.

I'm not yet certain that either me or my Tousen can be there for sure yet, but we are both willing.