View Full Version : Blue Monday!

06-01-2003, 12:31 PM
Not a manga, but a good old fashioned American comic book! It's sooooooo good. Is anyone else a fan? Chynna Clugston-Major is brilliant!

And has anyone else picked up her new comic, Scooter Girl? ^_^

06-01-2003, 12:39 PM
I love Chynna Clugston-Major! I didn't think Scooter Girl was coming out until this month..hmm. I can't wait for it though!

It's not manga, but she does have manga influences. They actually did an article about her in Newtype USA a few months back.

Scrapps desu

06-02-2003, 01:08 PM
Yeah I saw. She also actually did something for the Robotech Sourcebook comic that came out a little while ago. She did a drawing of Jan Morris (I still can't figure out why she is in the comic before Minmei - wasn't Jan Minmei's partner???? uh oh, I see a new thread coming.)

And Scooter Girl was great. I can't wait for the next issue >.<!

Oh yeah, and they're re-releasing The Kids Are Alright and Absolute Beginners trade paperbacks in a manga size...whiiiich I think is kinda lame, but kinda neat at the same time.