View Full Version : Planning on doing a Guilty Gear cosplay.

12-16-2007, 10:35 PM
I think I finally know who I wanna cosplay as for AFW next year. No, I'm not gonna retire the Roy outfit; I just wanna try out a new character for next year.
I've decided next year, I'm gonna be

Ky Kiske (from Guilty Gear)

Now, finding an accurate version of the costume shouldn't be too hard, I've seen some places that sell it. The only issues that I have is I'm gonna need someone to make the sword and I need to buy a wig.

I think for my particular skin color, I'm gonna go with a more dirty blonde color instead of a straight blonde. Plus, I'm gonna need some way to dye my eyebrows blonde as well.

Anyone out there that can give me some advice on this whole matter?