View Full Version : Cosplay is awesome

06-02-2003, 11:35 PM
A-kon is the second con that I have attended and the first con that I have cosplayed at. I had so much fun cosplaying I am now considering making several costumes for my next con :)

For those of you I met or may have saw me I was Barret from FF7 who was also in the FF7 cosplay skit if you went to the masquerde on Saturday night.

If I met you at A-kon or even if I didn't feel free to instant message me. You will see more of me on the cosplay.com boards.

06-03-2003, 12:31 AM
That FF7 skit had me laughing soooooo hard. It was toooo funny. Yall guys needed soundeffects though.

06-03-2003, 09:45 AM
Hey Ruthless, I loved you guy's FF7 skit

The rainbow/materia joke was the funniest one.

And you nailed the Barret celebration.

As soon as you started doing the fist pump I was like "YESS!!!"

But yes, cosplaying is awesome and I can't wait to go to my next Con.