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06-03-2003, 10:27 PM
Hey! I had a great time at A-kon! I was luckey enough to have chosen a costume that didn't need a weapon ^.^ Sounds like it was pretty tough. Just wondering if anyone got a picture of any of the following people

Belldandy... erm... there were a lot but, i was one too ^.^ So, if you see the retarded belldandy in your pictures, tell me!

Kuro - from Animal Magnetism (Hehehe.... he's 11...:D)

Nuku nuku - All purpose cultural cat girl nuku nuku (Yes, the one with the really, really, really, ugly ears and messed up pink hair... really liked No Face)

Last but not least... my greatest work *cough cough* Kamui Shirou - X ... yeah, all four of you that took his piucture, if you could send me a picture of him, that would be dandy! Oh, btw, he was the ONLY Kamui... even after showing X in the theater AND having sooo many posters, shirts, etc... no one recognized h im.... *sigh* What am i doing wrong? :confused:

Thanks tons! Hope to see you next year!