View Full Version : AZ03 pics, Finally :P

06-04-2003, 06:56 PM
Howdy all!!
I finally got my pics up of AZ03!! There are some really nice pic's there esp at the Cosplay.com gathering! I only wish my camera was working friday night/saturday morning and I could have gotten more!!

Enjoy and take pics if you want just no direct linking, I need my bandwidth! Thankies

Animazement 2003 con pics! (http://www.cosmicdebrisinc.homestead.com/az03.html)

06-04-2003, 08:06 PM
So many purtty pictures~! :p

06-04-2003, 08:24 PM
cool picas!! ^^ ah hee!! you got us doing the egyptie thing lol!!

minako chan
06-05-2003, 01:15 AM
*hums "walk like an egyptian".....* Yes! That was a fun con, I can't wait till next year!

Giant Alucard
06-05-2003, 07:04 AM
The pics are great, *even though I'm not there*.....

Loved your panel too (I was the N1NJ4 who looked like a goth...). This con was the best one I've been too so far and I cant wait til the next one!!!

06-05-2003, 10:18 AM
Nice pics, you actually got my sister and I in the same shot. We had outfits from the same shows with us, but we never synched up to be in the same show outfits at the same time.

06-05-2003, 11:45 AM
Nice pics Mako-san! I see you got a pic of me too! YAY! :D

06-07-2003, 10:17 AM
wow! Thankies!! I was looking for everyone to take their pics! There was so many people with awesome costumes! I was overloaded! Sorry if I missed anyone! *bows*
I look forward to next year!
aww Giant Alucard! I soo wanted to get a pic of you but I didn't see you! Thank so much for going to the panel! I'm glad you had a great time!
It was fun meeting everyone I look forward to the next con!

lov-e-ly pain
06-07-2003, 09:28 PM
Awesome! And wee, I'm on there. :3