View Full Version : Tokyo Mew photos

06-05-2003, 10:50 AM
Hi all!

I was at Akon this year as well, for my first cosplay! I cant beleive what a different experience it was. I always swore I would never cosplay, but it was such a blast, Im hooked! So many wonderful outfits, really great work on everyone's part!

I also wanted to ask if anyone here got some photos of me in a certain outfit. Our camera went freaky, so we didnt get any photos of that outfit ;_; If anyone here has any of a girl in a pink Mew Ichigo outfit, Id be super grateful if perhaps you'd be generous enough to post them, or send digital files? m(__)m ;_; m(__)m I was the one with the really bright pink wig, and big lace up red boots ^_^ So far I only found one picture, and Id love to have some more to show my family! Thanks to anyone who can help! I hope more galleries will start to filter in to the Akon site, so fun to look through them!

Please email me at SBass87708@aol.com ^_^ m(__)m ^_^