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Usako Haneino
02-08-2008, 05:07 AM
Added a poll on the AniZona forum after some drama arose over allowing non-anime costumes. Please vote here (http://www.anizona.org/forums/index.php?topic=2345.0) if you want your opinion known.

Hi everyone.
I'm Vii, your up coming Masq Director. I just wanted to introduce myself and give everyone a preview of the rules I"m working on.
So here you go. Feel free to tear them apart and tell me what I've done right or wrong. The main idea for the Masquerade And Masked Ball (details on the ball once we have a venue!) is mostly for the participants and spectators to have fun.

75 slots total for Contest. 50 pre-con slots and 25 at-con. Any slots left over after pre-reg will be rolled over to at-con.

Will need staff as follows:
• 2-3 “Den Mothers”
• 3-4 stage ninjas (will also stay behind to help me clean up after the masquerade)
• MC
• Half-time show (possibly one of the musical guests) will also perform during judging to keep audience interested
• Sound guy
• 3-4 judges Hoping for special guest judge. Others experienced cosplayers/judges.

Hall cosplay awards will be awarded this year. They will just be small ribbons or badges with the mascot and “Hall Cosplay Winner” on them. As a way to show or gratitude to the well done costumes that couldn’t enter the Masquerade or were too shy to do so. Criteria are as follows:
• Costume has to be handmade or pieced together “goodwill style” (meaning no store bought pre-made mass produced costume pieces like Naruto vests. Headbands and accessories are fine to be store bought though)
• Not entered in the Masquerade
• Not commissioned (again commissioned accessories are fine)
• Well made, eye catching.

How hall cosplay will work is our judges will be wandering around the convention If they see a costume they like they'll walk up and give you a quiz on your costume, asking how it was made and such forth. If you fit the criteria you'll be given a Hall Cosplay award. Probably way different than other hall awards but its what springs to mind when I hear the phrase ^_^

Masquerade rules:
• Skits must be 3:30 or less
• Walk-ons must stay on stage for a full 60 seconds so the judges can get a good look at the costume.
• Pre-registered script must pre-recorded. It helps when you practice so you get your timing down, as well as allowing the audience to hear you better without fear of forgetting your lines.
• Dialogue must be PG-13. No harsh swear words. (since everything is pre-recorded you can ad "Bleeps for a comical affect but don't over do it)
• Microphones will be provided if pre-recorded dialogue some how goes missing or doesn’t work with our system.
• Costumes cannot be commissioned
• Accessories and wigs may be commissioned or store bought.
• “Closet cosplay “may be entered for skits only.
• “Closet cosplay” may not be mass produced pre-made costume pieces (Like the Naruto vests)
• Costumes may be from any anime, manga, comic, game or movie. While this is an anime convention I will not disallow anyone who worked hard on their costume.

Divisions & awards to be given:
One award per contestant (best of show excluded), that way no one dominates the entire competition.
• Craftsmanship award (Novice and intermediate. Expert/professional if we have enough entrants at that level.)
• Judges choice (each judge will award a prize to the cosplayers of their choice)
• Audience choice (Audience will be given little cards to write their vote on. Contestants will be given numbers (1-75)to make the voting easier on the audience)
• Best walk-on
• Best skit
• Best group
• Best of show
• Secret prizes are secret :p

02-10-2008, 01:13 AM
I think a Best Group award should be given as well.

Usako Haneino
02-10-2008, 07:42 AM
You're right! It totally slipped my mind. Added now ^_^

Also added a clarification on Hall Cosplay and how it works in my world lol.

04-06-2008, 08:43 AM
I like the way the hall cosplay sounds like it'll work.
So no entering anything for it? The judges will just approach you if they like what they see?

I've never heard the term "goodwill style" before. Does this mean picking up existing clothing from a second-hand/thrift store and modifying it to what you need(as long as it's not already the exact thing you need)? Because that's what I do and I never knew there was a name for it. XD

Usako Haneino
04-06-2008, 03:53 PM
You're right in assuming it means going to thrift stores and modifying existing clothes to get what you need for the costume.

Unfortunately I've had a falling out with the chairs of AniZona and I'm no longer the Masquerade director. I have no idea what the new director will end up doing or if they've even found a replacement yet.