View Full Version : Jen's flute in Dark Crystal

06-12-2003, 01:03 PM
That's my favorite movie. Period. I've always wanted to play the two-pronged flute that Jen plays, but hahah since it's not a "real" instrument I never found it in shops. Instead what makes the noise is called a double flageolet. Beautiful instrument, umm hah a few thousand dollars and hardly being made anymore except in I think Germany and France. About 2 weeks ago though I found an instrument called a harmony flute and it sounds just like Jen's flute ^_____^ (very happy) It looks a lot like Jen's instrument, but instead of the two flutes being in a V shape, they're put together so they're two parallel flutes. Just wanted to share the happy news and by chance if you go to King Richards Faire in RI look out for me doing my best gelfling impersonation with my harmony flute.