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02-29-2008, 07:08 PM
Alright, so I've finally given in and delved into Naruto. yep. Anywho, I made a pair of Sand Ninja shoes and decided to share my findings!


That's how they're looking ^^

They take about 4-5 hours to make, including drying time for the glue, and cost me about $25-$30 in materials.

Materials needed-almost everything on this list can be found at walmart-I know that's what I did.
*Cheap base shoes-find something with a nice sole-it's going to be the only part you use. When you're trying them on, take off your socks. They should fit really tight, honestly a little too small. In fact, take the sole and put it up against your foot on the outside to gauge if it'll be the right size. You want it to be just barely bigger than your actual foot.
*Flip flops-Find a pair that fits best against the sole of your base shoes. It's possible to do with ones that are bigger than the base ones, but then you'd have to trim them down and that just sucks. Try to avoid it.
*E600-Awesome glue-seriously, one of my faves ^^
*1/2 yard fabric-I used extra that was lying around the apt.
*scrap paper
*Sharpie/fabric dye pen (if your flip flops aren't black)
*a piece of bar soap (lever 2000, whatever)
*1/4 yard of wide elastic...

Alright! Let's get started!

Now, first off, let's talk about the shoe itself. They have a thong in the middle (like flip-flops). Here, you can see it in this pic of Gaara-

They also have a seam going up the middle of the foot-which is actually perfect for construction purposes.


1. Rip apart your base shoes. Mine origionally looked like this
Pull out the insole. Should be easy, just find the edge and tug. After that, I took a pointy (I used an awl, but you could use a combo of a pen and flathead screwdriver instead) and started wedging it into the seam on the outside where the body of the shoe meets the sole, and slowly prying it off.
Once I had the toe done, I could grab it and just rip the shoe open
Tada! You have soles.

2. Time to deal with the flip flops. These were my origional-
They match the sole of the base shoes almost perfectly-
After cutting off the stupid chain stuff on them, I colored the toe area black using a fabric dye pen, but you can use a sharpie, I just had this laying around ^^;;;
http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h190/XJonetsuX/Naruto%20shoes/0229080050.jpg Actually, I still have to go over the stupid polka dots with a sharpie ^^;;;;; If you want them to fit nice and snug when you wear them, add a strip of elastic that would go over the arch of your foot, and glue it onto the bottom of the sandals. I didn't do this on mine, and I think I may have to add it ^^;;;;;

3. Pattern time! Take your scrap paper and put it on one half of your foot, and draw a line down the center of your calf in the back, and one across the front, then where you want your seam to be in the front, and around the bottom of the sole. It should go up to about mid-calf. Dont forget to slope it into the crevace of the flip flop thong! Now, paper really doesn't like bending this way, so trim off excess as you go. Now do the same for the other side of the same foot. It doesn't have to be super-precise at this point. Don't add a seam allowance.

4. Transfering the pattern- lay out your fabric and cut out your pattern with PLENTY of seam allowance-if something happens to be wonky with the pattern, or you need to let it out a bit at the back of the ankle to get your foot in and out, you need to have room to do it. Take your piece of soap, and use it like crayon-rubbing around the outside of the pattern. It'll give you a nice line on your fabric of where exactly the seams need to go.

5. Prepping your cover- Now pin the pieces together how they match up, and slide it over your foot. You'll be able to get an idea of how it fits. You may need to let out the back of the ankle a smidge to be able to get your foot in and out, and you may just need to tweak it slightly to make sure it fits properly. As you're checking fit, wrap the bottom excess around the bottom of the sandal, and tuck the front of the front seam into the thong crevace (wow that sounded really wrong ^^;;;;) Now sew it up along the front and back seams! Make the seams just a little longer at the toe and heel than you need.

6. Ironing-this is probably one of the single most important things!!!! When you're looking at costumes, The all time biggest reason they look like costumes instead of store-bought clothing is the fact that THEY HAVEN'T BEEN IRONED PROPERLY!!!!!! Seriously. It makes a world of difference. Alright, now that I'm done with my lecture on that, time to actually do it. Snip the seam allowance like so-making sure you don't actually snip the seam.
So that you aren't ironing a curve-snip as often as it takes to have straight lines in between, and then pull it over the small end of the board inside out. Flip the seam allowance pieces out and iron the seam flat. You should do this to every single piece of clothing/costuming you make.

7. Hemming the top of the covers-You should have lovely covers now-if you'd like to, you can hem the top around mid-calf hieght (don't worry, they'll be ankle-length when you're done) or, you can wait till it's attached to the shoe.

8. Attaching the cover- Alright, this is where we get to play with glue! Yay! lol Anywho, start the attaching with the thong. put cover on your foot, and then put on the sandals, and fold the seam down against the thong. fold up the edge of fabric where it meets the sole sandal and pin the spot. Take off both pieces, dab some E600 on the front of the thong between the toes, and stick your cover on at the seam, all the way down so it meets with the rest of the sandal
Let it dry for about 10 mins. The stuff firms up surprisingly fast. Sew it on, just to be safe. I did 4 loops of heavy buttonhole thread around the thong to secure it on. trim off the excess that recceeds back, just so you can get your foot back in ^^
Now put it back on, and hold the back seam at the bottom of the heel on the sandal-pull it off still holding it, and glue it on there too. Give it a few to dry.
Put the shoe back on, an fold your fabric over at the toes so it's where you want it, and glue it to the bottom of the sandal.
From here, just keep tugging bits into place and putting a coat of e600 on the bottom between the sole of the sandal and the fabric. Trim off the excess. There should be about 1" of fabric ringed around the botttom. This is how it should look from the top-

9. You have shoes!!!-now, take the sole of the base shoes you have, and coat the suckers in E600 http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h190/XJonetsuX/Naruto%20shoes/0229081619.jpg
Gently put your sandals into the sole, making sure you aren't spilling over anywhere, and if they need coaxing, do it. Mine, I had to stretch out the soles a bit right under the pad of my foot for the sandals to fit. if you need to put continuous pressure on them, just put them on (carefully) and stand in them for a few minutes while the glue sets.

10. FINISHING!!! Alright, if you havent done it already, hem the top, at about mid-calf. Now fold that in down to the bottom of your ankle, and pin it twice, once at the front and once at the back, getting the seams to touch. Tack it in place with needle and thread, right on the seam, so it will be invisible. They should now be ankle-length.

Alright... If you have any questions, lemme know. Or if any of this was confusing, Lemme know and I'll try to explain better. Oh, and sorry about the horrible pic quality-the only camera I have is a cameraphone with a cracked lens ^^;;;;;;

03-01-2008, 04:51 PM
If I may add somthing: Go to a thrift store or other cheap place to get your shoes. It will cost you alot less than getting brand new shoes, just to rip them apart.