View Full Version : *-Mega 'MegaCon 2008' MediaLinks Thread-*Specific Photosets, Videos, Journals, etc.

03-10-2008, 12:00 AM
Trying to gather as much media links as possible regarding MegaCon 2008
If you wanna share 'em. Please do! :)

And if you have several specific photo galleries/pages, con reports, videos, etc. related to a certain theme, please include keywords like "Naruto" , "Final Fantasy" or "costume contest" right beside a link so some fans of a certain series can easily discover links that would interest them. This way, they can go directly to the stuff they may be more interested in more quickly. If you have a big site, you'll be able to break up the tons of random stuff you may have on there into several categories of animé series or whatever.