View Full Version : which gun looks better?

06-14-2003, 12:24 AM
I'm doing a gungrave cosplay and I made preliminary guns from foam. I made one from HUGE pink foam and the other from more conservitave white foam. Check my gallery for all the pics. I want ppl'z opinion of which one looks better, so I can make a copy, and then paint those suckers!

06-14-2003, 12:31 AM
The gun with the red dot on front is a bit on the thick side. I'd say the more slender version, though I'd say ideal would be somewhere in between . . . not sure, but that's my opinion.

06-14-2003, 12:43 AM
I like the pink one man.... though the detailing on the white version is good i say if ya thicken the pink SLIGHTLY it will ROCK!

I say do the pink one